About Me

Anybody who knows me knows that I have a serious problem, and that is my lifelong addiction to fishing. Over ten years ago it was getting so bad that I had to explore the only route left open to me, and that was to find a way of working in fishing and making it my life. Don’t ask me quite how it has happened so far, but at this point in time I work full time in the sport of fishing as a writer, photographer, TV presenter and consultant. I love my job and I love fishing more and more each day. I told you I had it bad.

Some of you looking on this page will know that a part of my job is presenting fishing programmes on television - as to how well or badly I do this, I shall leave that up to you. For some strange reason I have been asked to present four separate TV series so far, principally for the Discovery channel (Home and Leisure, then RealTime, and now Shed - they like to keep you on your toes !!) – Fishing with Henry (don’t you just love that original title), Fishing on the Edge, Wild Fishing and Wild Fishing 2. I remain eternally grateful for the fact that anybody actually watches these shows, because you can rest assured that they never get shown in my household. I love the creative process of actually making TV shows, even on our small scale, and the great thing about fishing is that the sport is always going to be bigger than the individuals. There is no such thing as a “fishing celebrity”. We spend our fishing lives trying to beat nature, and I would guess that nature kicks us all pretty hard a lot of the time, and being on TV ain’t ever going to change that.

What drives me the most in my fishing work is photographing and writing for various magazines, publishers and fishing tackle companies. I have always said that fishing is the world’s greatest excuse for visiting cool places, and my work takes me all over the world on the hunt for the best and most far out fishing to photograph. I don’t really care where I am, as long as it is around some kind of good looking and exciting fishing. No one day is the same as the next around here and the path my working life takes me down interests me more and more. I am driven to make the sport of fishing look as good as my abilities allow me to.

I am proud to be able to say that I do an increasing amount of work as staff photographer for the international fly fishing travel company Aardvark McLeod. Working with these passionately committed people enables me to photograph and witness some of the best fishing there is on this earth. Speak to Aardvark McLeod about your foreign fishing requirements and I can assure you of proper, down to earth service from people who genuinely love fishing and travel themselves.

If you have further interest in the kinds of things I get up to in fishing, please take a look at my regularly updated blog right here on this website (hint - look at the top of the page). It might not always be completely sane, but what you see with me is what you get.