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Photography, writing, TV and consultancy related work - please email me to discuss any work related requirements. There might occasionally be a delay in getting back to you, and I apologise if this happens, but please understand that my work sometimes takes me away from an internet connection (please check my blog for where I am). Refreshing though that may be to some of us in this day and age, rest assured that I will get back to you just as soon as I can.

As regards non-work related emails, please understand that I am simply unable to personally respond to every single one that is sent to me. I do my best, but I work on my own here. I am blown away that so many people want to get in touch with me, and it means a huge amount.

I have a huge and constantly growing library of fishing photographs from all over the world – the pictures on this site are a very small sample of what I have on file, so please do not hesitate in asking me if you would like to see more of what I have. The chances are that I do have what you are looking for. Specific photographic assignments are also undertaken (please email me). I work in and around all kinds of fishing, with a major emphasis on :

Fly fishing - species such as trout, grayling, salmon, steelhead, tigerfish, yellowfish, carp, nile perch, golden dorado, Amazon pacu, taimen, lenok etc.

Saltwater fly fishing - species such as bonefish, giant trevally (GT), milkfish, trigger fish, coalfish, bumphead parrotfish etc.

Saltwater fishing - species such as bass (European sea bass), conger eels, pollack, cod, coalfish, mullet, bream, tarpon, permit, snappers, jacks, sharks, mackerel, flatfish (plaice, flounder), rays, wrasse, barracuda etc.

People and places - Canada (east and west), Norway, England, Ireland, Channel Islands, Belize, Venezuela, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, Angola, Seychelles, Argentina, Gabon, Florida, Montana, Iceland, Bolivia, Mongolia etc.