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2009 review - my best bass lure

Considering that I have had to come clean and admit to my weakness/addiction/pathetic attempts at self-control around lures, choosing a standout lure for 2009 was not easy - do I base it purely on my own fishing experiences, or do I base it on a combination of me, the guys I fish with, and the stuff I hear about ? I have thought about it a lot and I think that the most useful thing for you guys reading is to tell you what I know has been the most successful bass-catching lure of 2009 amongst the guys I fish with. Note that I say "what I know" - I am sure that you all have your own personal favourites, so please let me know about them. You never know, I might actually be able to show some self-control over something that dives, rattles, slides, walks, pops, flutters, sinks, rolls, wobbles or bumps !!

My lure of 2009 is the MegaBass Zonk Gataride 120mm (a floating, shallow-diving, minnow-type lure) - take it from me, it doesn't matter if you crank it or twitch it, this thing just slays bass. I don't fish half as much as I used to or as I would like to, but the Zonk Gataride 120 has done well for me during 2009. So have a number of other lures as well, including the outstanding IMA Komomo SF-125 and the IMA Sasuke 140, but I am basing my conclusion on my own experiences, on the fish I have seen caught with the lure, and how much so many anglers I know are raving about the Zonk Gataride 120 as a bass catching machine. Some lures just work from the off and this one is going to go down as a classic. A few Irish friends of mine especially go all dewy-eyed when they speak about this MegaBass lure, and if they love it and smash almost unfair numbers of bass on it, then I am utterly and completely convinced as to how good it really is. It just works.

The MegaBass Zonk Gataride 120 casts very, very well, indeed at times it astounds me how well it cuts into and across the wind. There is a very good range of colours available as well. The lure swims nice and shallow, with a strong degree of stability in rougher conditions, plus you can also hold your rod tip high and get it to swim even shallower without the lure coming up to the surface and "dying" for want of a better word. OK, so the lip on the Zonk Gataride 120 is not the strongest thing going, and if you bounce it off the rocks too many times you are going to break it, but I have not actually broken one yet. I know guys who have (and I also know these guys cast into and over anything, but then they catch a lot of fish), so it is something you need to be aware of. But virtually any bib on any hard lure is going to get damaged if you bounce it on the rocks, so I don't see it as any kind of major problem at all.

Why do some lures just work so well ? I would really like to learn more about the design of fishing lures, for there has to be something unique about the ideas and concepts that go into lures that slay fish. How does one sit there and come up with the idea for a lure like the MegaBass Zonk Gataride 120 ? I even know a couple of guys who have been buying up serious numbers of their favourite colours because they want to stockpile them just in case we get a world shortage !! It makes me a feel a whole lot better about my own personal lure problems, I tell you. The people who I know are doing these awesome lures are here and here. Soft plastics are becoming more and more important in my bass fishing, but the hard stuff that rattles and rolls just gets me every time. I like lures. In fact I like lures a lot.........

And in joint second place are the IMA Komomo SF-125 and the IMA Sasuke 140, a couple of lures that have proved deadly for me this year. If more of my fishing mates had been using these particular lures, who knows what would have happened, but up until very recently I have been the only one of us using IMA lures. I managed to grab a couple off the Bass Lures guys at the CLA Game Fair back in July, right before they started bringing in proper numbers of IMA lures. I knew they would kill from the off, and ever since then I have been casting them out, catching fish, and just praying I did not lose them. But it's all fine now, I have stocked up on a few more. Just in case of a world shortage......

IMA Komomo SF-125

IIMA Sasuke 140