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2009 review - my top lure company

Start looking into all this modern lure fishing stuff and a whole new world opens up - opening the door is like getting the keys to a new kingdom where everything rattles and glints and says "buy me, I'll catch you more fish". The more I learn about the world of hi-tech lures though, the more I realise just how little I actually know. But if there is one thing I have learnt over the past few years, it is that a huge part of the lure fishing technology and innovation comes out of Japan and then France - stacks from the US as well, but a lot of what we might term "bass fishing technology" comes at us from Japan and France, and there are a huge amount of big and small companies doing some seriously cool stuff. I just wish I could read Japanese and then better understand all those good looking lure websites out there.I thought it might be fun to tell you guys what my current favourite lure company is and why.

IMA Nabarone 150F

My top lure company of 2009 is IMA lures - I first really got wind of these lures out at the Nantes bass show in February of 2009 when I first saw their stunning looking IMAGene 130, but for all the looking around and "research" that I did after that, it was not until the summer that I actually got hold of my first two IMA lures, the Komomo SF-125 and the Sasuke 140. Whether you like it or not, a big part of fishing gear is how you react to it visually, and these IMA lures just looked the part straight off. I got a couple and went straight down to the fishing demo platform at the Game Fair and started playing around with them. i just knew they would kill.......

IMA Sasuke 140

IMA Komomo SF-125

I am completely in love with ultra-shallow diving IMA Komomo SF-125 for those really snaggy, shallow marks where you need something to swim really close to the surface. You can hold the rod tip up and get this one to carry out its very seductive snake-like wobbling action literally just beneath the surface, and it works great in deeper water where I imagine the silhouette is very pronounced indeed.

And my gut feeling is that the brand new IMA Komomo II is going to do serious harm on the bass during 2010 - see here for a few of my thoughts on this stunning looking shallow diver.You can also experiment with making it wake right across the surface.

IMA Komomo II

I could go on and on about these IMA lures, but I just reckon the company does a number of hard lures that are proving to be very good bass catching machines. I also put MegaBass and Duo lures right up there at the top of my favourites pile. You can check out a number of low-res videos of various IMA lures and how they work by clicking on the different models right here. And it's these guys here who are bringing these lures into the UK.

IMA/Duo Nabarone 125F

I have a good feeling that the IMA/Duo collaboration that is the Nabarone 125F (floating) will also do some proper damage on the bass for me this year - it's a typically modern looking Japanese minnow-type hard lure that casts like a bullet and has a truly mesmerising action when you crank it or twitch it. I am going to try and get hold of the sinking version of this lure as well and give it a proper go. I would guess that the minnow-type lures are still the most popular ones in the UK and Ireland for bass fishing and there are any number of really good models out there. The various Duo Tide Minnows have already and quite rightly achieved an almost legendary status. Coming up with minnows to compete against them is a seriously tall order, but I do really like the look of so many of the IMA lures and I am also getting more and more reports of very good results when using them. All I have to do now is control my lure-gathering urges.......

IMA Popkey

IMA Skimmer (see here)

IMA Honey Trap 95S (sinking) - looks really interesting

IMA Calm (sinking) - bring it on......