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82cms of prime Kerry silver landed yesterday on one of our co-guided Ireland trips

Crumbs! To be fair yesterday was not an easy day of bass fishing, but about an hour before we were going to head off for supper, one of our lads Richard hooked and landed his first ever bass from the shore. We were fishing a serious run of current and he was bashing one of those killer little Apia Dover 99F hard lures out and across - result!


As I was photographing Richard’s bass above, Paul hooked a fish just below where we were. I managed to turn around and snap a few shots of him fighting his bass, but to be honest my priority at the time was to record Richard’s first bass on camera, and especially as I could see that Paul’s fish was still a long way out and in no hurry to come in.

To be fair I don’t think any of us expected to see a bass quite that big popping up at the side of the current though! Paul did every single thing right and didn’t rush the fight or remotely panic. He kept a nice tight line throughout the scrap (barbless hooks don’t lose fish), I got a fish-grip secured to the bottom jaw, and then it began to sink in that we were looking at a serious donkey of an Irish bass! John measured the fish at 82cms long, and he even managed to take a few scale samples and stick a tag in the fish. As ever the bass was really well looked after and she swam off so strongly.


Now it’s not every day that one of our clients goes and lands a bass this big, but yet again it goes and proves to me just what can happen out here in Ireland when things come together. A bass of a lifetime and I can’t tell you how much it floats my boat to see one of our lads land a fish like this out here in Kerry where as ever we are seeing virtually no other anglers. You can guess what the main topic of conversation was over supper last night! Isn’t it amazing how a tough day’s fishing can suddenly turn out so special? If you are interested in coming on one of our co-guided Ireland fishing trips, please contact me here - bass like this are not remotely common, but isn’t it wonderful to know that there’s always a chance of connecting with a fish like this?


Paul landed this donkey on the ever-killer IMA Hound 125F Glide lure, a hard lure that I have so regularly turned to over the years both for my own fishing and as a lure for our clients. The Hound Glide just works in so many different situations. I love it, but for whatever reason I am think IMA in their infinite wisdom have stopped making it! Damn, damn, damn! Paul was using his trusted HTO Nebula 9’ 12-42g lure rod and I have lent him one of these awesome Penn Slammer III 3500 spinning reels loaded up with a fantastic 8-strand braid that seems to fly under the radar, SpiderWire Stealth Smooth 8 braid in the 20lb breaking strain.

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