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A brand new year - time to reassess how you measure success ?

Happy New Year to you all, and I hope that Xmas and the holiday period was a good one. Here's to 2011 and whatever it might bring. It's on that note that I got to thinking about success the other day, and how one might go about measuring success, or perhaps in other words, what means the most to you ? Profound I know for my first blog post in 2011, but hey, when you wake up really early in the morning your brain tends to buzz........

Success in life and in fishing to me have perfect parallels, and I would be really interested to hear your own thoughts and opinions - please do keep on posting all your comments as it really helps make this blog I think. Anyway, how do you measure success ? In life, does it mean to earn the most money, drive the flashest car and/or go on exotic holidays etc.? And in fishing, is success all about catching the biggest or the most fish ? Or is it more about self-fulfilment and being able to enjoy the simpler things in life or fishing ?

I hope that the way I go about my own fishing is directly parallel to how I live my life. Once I was driven by trying to catch the biggest fish for example, but now I couldn't really give a stuff how big a fish that I catch might be - as long as the overall experience is one that I have loved. I suppose I could spend all my time chasing specimen fish or trying to catch lots and lots of fish in a competition, but that's not me. Believe me, my respect is huge for anglers who consistently catch the best fish or compete well, but I measure my own success in fishing by how much I get a kick out of the whole experience. I am totally in love with fishing, but I believe that I would soon tire of it if my principal joy came only when I caught bigger or more fish than I had previously done. And let's be completely honest here - if "big fish" was one's primary goal, then emigration somewhere else would be required. But then that also depends on how one defines "big". As I said, the brain buzzes !!

The whole fishing experience to me is now very rarely, indeed if at all to do with a big fish and nothing else - in a direct parallel to my working life where obsessing about big salaries or ostentatious shows of wealth simply don't motivate me. If they did, then I would not be working in fishing or living where we do. You are a long time dead is something I subscribe to fully. I remember some years ago now being disappointed for example in catching a specific fish that was not "heavy enough" when it came to a specimen weight, but I look back in horror at that kind of attitude now. Sure, we all want to do better, and there is no getting away from the satisfaction at catching or seeing big fish, but success in fishing is in my opinion so much more than that. As in life. It takes all sorts, but I know the kind of people I am happiest spending time with - both in life and in fishing............

How could I not talk about my album of the year for 2010 ? Try as I might though, I simply could not pick a winner between two absolutely monstrous releases. It's a cop out I know, but I have had to pick two favourite albums of the year for 2010 - "Axioma Ethica Odini" by the peerless Enslaved, and "Aealo" by the almost scarily monstrous Rotting Christ. I simply can't see how music can get any better than these two albums. As my perception of success in life I hope mirrors my fishing, so my lifelong and increasing addiction to all things metal seems to mirror my hopeless lack of self-control for nice shiny lure fishing gear. Talk about parallels. Here's to 2011...........

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