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A couple of waves in the face always adds a certain je ne sais quoi to an already glorious early morning surf session

I can’t get enough of it - surf fishing for bass when you are having to combine the actual fishing with needing to keep a close eye on the walls of water coming at you and brace yourself when required, and then just as you think you’re done and dusted with that one, it’s the backwash that nearly takes your feet away. Does fishing get any more exhilarating than this? Mark and I were on the beach for 5am this morning and conditions were properly bouncing………….


Do you know what I enjoy almost the most about catching bass in the surf? Those beaming smiles I see on the faces of anglers when their rod is suddenly slammed over hard and they connect with a fizzed-up, perfectly spiked predator that always amaze me with how they seem to find lures so easily in such hectic conditions which we us humans are having to work hard to deal with.


Things didn’t really get going this morning until the tide turned and started flooding in, but then we had some glorious sport with nobody else around and just that wonderful roar of the surf and grin after grin as a bunch of fish slammed into our metals. The biggest bass went only around 3lbs this morning, but I couldn’t care less, and not with how much fun surf fishing is and also with how amazingly well our bass always fight when the water is all fizzed up and green and bouncing - a 3lb surf bass to me is worth at least double with how they scrap. How could anybody worry about the size of the fish you are catching when your lure gets stopped dead and you feel that unmistakable thump on the end of your line? I love it like you would not believe.


Do you think about a fishing session to come and start planning all the different things you are going to try in order to tempt a few fish? I got up at 4am this morning with all manner of thoughts in my head about some slightly different stuff I was going to try in the surf that was forecast. An hour later though and I am having to work hard to stay upright and get my lures out into what was a big bit of surf for where we were fishing - and all thoughts of messing around with different stuff went right out of the window when yet again it was the simple Savage Gear Seeker metal lure that absolutely flew out there and so efficiently kept me fishing in the conditions we faced.

How on earth do bass find this thing in such hectic conditions? I do like how much this metal does in the water and I guess the larger profile and flashy kind of action has to help - all the bass I had this morning came by doing nothing more than belting out a Seeker and winding it back in. I dread to think how much saltwater and sand was washed over my increasingly beloved Penn Slammer III in the 3500 or 4500 size (same body as the 3500, but with a slightly bigger/higher capacity spool and bail arm), but unlike many other spinning reels I have fished with I never worry about this Slammer for a second - surf and fancy Japanese spinning reels don’t really mix very well in my experience! Fishing is all about having a blast to me, and I don’t see how it’s possible to enjoy a few hours much more than Mark and I did this morning. You all have a good weekend.


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