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A short video showing the 9’6’’ 7-35g HTO Shore Game lure rod casting a 1oz GT Ice Cream Needle Nose lure

Me, obsessing about certain things within fishing? Never! I thought it would be a bit of fun to put a short video up of my mate Mark larraping (yes, this is a technical casting term) the little 1oz/29g GT Ice Cream Needle Nose lure on the scarily impressive 9’6’’ 7-35g HTO Shore Game lure rod that I reviewed a while back - check here. What you aren’t seeing is a bit of footage I shot of Mark just before this stuff here when you can see his reaction to casting one of these lures for the first time and seeing it go so stupidly far! Let’s just say that Shakespeare would have been proud of such fine use of the English language………………..

Note also the recovery on that HTO rod, albeit it always looks a little strange to see the rod tip bounce down so hard during the cast if you haven’t seen it before or weren’t aware that it happens - and believe me, compared to older style spinning rods that I used to photograph at say ten frames a second on a stills camera, the speed with which these good modern lure rods snap back to parallel is quite remarkable. The slow-mo casting sequence is at 10% normal speed if that helps. Damn I wish I had sent that 9’6’’ HTO rod back straight away after my review rather than cling on to it and then come back to it like I have. What a bit of kit. Anyway, as per the other day, yes, these GT Ice Cream lures explore bits of water that I have never reached before with a surface lure, but over time will this somewhat different style of lure prove to be a bass magnet?