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A simple how to fish the Fiiish Crazy Sandeel video

Whilst Martin Scorsese is hardly quaking in his boots at my lack of filming and editing prowess, the other day I asked my mate Mark if he minded me “filming” him shore fishing with the Fiiish Crazy Sandeel - a lure that continues to fascinate me, but I also accept a number of anglers either have little confidence in it because of the lack of info on how to go about fishing it, or they are doing just fine with something like the Savage Gear Sandeel. Or they simply aren’t interested fullstop. As for me? I happen to love it when it’s proved to me that my opinion/feeling about an item of fishing tackle was in fact wrong, but then that opinion of mine was of course based on simply not understanding how to fish the thing properly.

Anyway, the very basic video above I hope might go some way towards helping some of you out with how you can go about fishing the Crazy Sandeel from the shore. I think that with the success of Fiiish’s first product, along came the Crazy Sandeel and most of us then tried to fish it in the same way as the Black Minnow - and if you are remotely interested in trying the Crazy Sandeel for bass and pollack especially, you will find that fishing it slowly via bumping it along the bottom or twitching it back towards simply ain’t getting the thing to work properly. You can of course fish this lure any way you please, but as per this blog post here from earlier this year, it was a real eye-opener to me how the Crazy Sandeel suddenly started to catch fish for me the moment I started to fish it as per the video above.

Please accept that this very simple how to video is hardly the last word in technical film making, and that the methods you can see displayed are very easy to do and not remotely definitive. I like the lure and I enjoy fishing with it, and it is my understanding that the Crazy Sandeel needs to be moved fairly quickly to get it working properly. I would love to have the skill and the time to be able to make a far better and more exciting how to video, but as it stands at the moment, I simply hope that it might help some of you out and perhaps catch you a few more fish.

I am off to Ireland first thing tomorrow morning, so blogging might be a little sporadic, but as per usual I will do my best to keep you up to date with how we are doing along the south coast. As per usual for these south coast trips, our base will be the Gold Coast Golf Resort on the outskirts of Dungarvan. I like being able to fish east and west of Dungarvan, and I also love it when we can walk out of the house we are renting and be able to fish a few serious bass marks without even getting in the car. As per usual we will take the conditions we get and see what we can come up with. More to come………