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About as good as it gets......

Another 3am start this morning to go and have another crack at the tarpon on Seven Mile bridge. Have to admit to feeling a little "delicate" after we got beat up properly by some amberjack out on the wreck yesterday (Monday, pix to come in due course). Animals does not describe the amberjack properly, and the fight (or you getting beaten up) is utterly brutal - and especially when I decided to try and show an AJ who was the boss. Wrong move. The angler is not the boss in an AJ battle. Hence feeling a little "delicate" !! Amberjack beat you up good and proper, and thankfully the one I hooked first on my light spinning rod came off, otherwise I dread to think what might have happened.

Anyway, Cian was first into a tarpon this morning, and just as I went to wind my float in and out of his way (ensuing mayhem of course), a tarpon picks my crab up. Not good to have two of these fish hooked up at one time, indeed it's the first time Rodney has ever seen this out here. I saw mine jump and it was not a large fish, and it was only fair that Cian got a clean fight on his. I wound the drag up solid, horsed the fish and bust him off good and proper with a resounding crack as he jumped and broke me. We were lucky this morning as Cian's fish went through the bridge and out into open water. One made up angler with around 70lbs of one of the best sporting fish on earth. Gets you every time. The sustained power of these fish is just relentless.

We then motor back to the buoy and drop the crabs back again. Nick is next into a fish that jumps straight away and then starts heading for the bridge. Luck again is with us as this big looking fish then heads for the Atlantic. Much as Cian's was a mightily impressive tarpon (they are all very cool), you could see that Nick's fish was somewhat heavier by the sustained power of the runs. Honestly, you are in a battle when you hook up with a tarpon. About an hour later and Nick feels that his fish is ready for a leader grab, and once again it's all credit to Rodney as he manages to lean over, grab the leader and then the fish, and then get it on board for a few very quick photographs.

The fish was measured quickly and on the official chart it came out at around the 145lb mark. Another massively made up angler !! Another outstanding morning in the Florida Keys, and the plan is to head out again in a while to receive a bit more pain from some goliath grouper and perhaps a bunch of sharks on the light gear. Some tired but buzzing guys right now. Breakfast, lots and lots of coffee, whack the sun screen on and head out again. Get yourself out here if you can and experience a bit of what we are so lucky to be getting into out here. There is one single person responsible for putting us into these incredible fish, and he can be contacted here.