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Always most exciting on the top........

I had a few hours this morning that made me feel rather good about living in this quiet corner of south east Cornwall. OK, so nothing big landed, but the place was just crawling with fish, and I can't remember seeing shoals of mackerel boiling on the surface like that in the UK for a while now. From the first chuck around first light I had a silly number of pollack swirling, jumping over and nailing my surface lure, indeed one of them actually hit the lure so hard at one point that it flew about 2' into the air.

As much as I dig all kinds of lure fishing (apart from trolling), those times when fish go loopy for surface lures is when it's really the most outright fun to me. I just get a huge kick out of watching a surface lure getting nailed, and even if the fish does not get hooked up every time as well. Any time that fishing gets really visual for me is a real bonus. A couple of years ago and I had never even experienced a pollack taking a surface lure, but on this morning they were almost queuing up to jump on it.

I did also catch five bass up to about 3lbs. This IMA Salt Skimmer for me is just a killer surface lure - every single fish I caught was taken on the exact lure you can see above. It casts like a bullet, it's so easy to work, and it just seems to draw fish in. You can cover so much water with it, and it is also very stable in choppy conditions (although this session the sea was about as flat as you can get it). Another lure I can't now go fishing without - got to be up around lure no. 6,543 that I can't go out without !! Big lure boxes........

As is the case sometimes, the one tidy bass I hooked then went and came off after a decent run. I tend to have my drag wound up "rather" tight, and this thing actually took a little bit of line before the hooks came out for some reason. I saw a decent flash of silver swirl behind the Skimmer, and then the bass swirled again on the lure. It always helps to be catching plenty of fish because it calms one down, and the moment this happened I stopped the Skimmer dead in its tracks. Counted to about four and the bass hit the (now static) lure and charged off. And then came off. Swine !! Still, a hugely fun few hours spent in the company of me and myself just getting a kick out of fish going loopy on the top.