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An incredibly stable jerkbait


I have recently come across what I believe is going to be a seriously killer bass lure - the O.S.P. Rudra-SP is one of the most incredibly "stable" jerkbaits I have seen so far, and that stability is a huge part of the appeal to me. The fact that this stunning looking minnow/jerkbait does what it does without getting knocked off course is really important, and I fancy this thing to do the business in some fairly rough conditions as well.

A couple of guys I know whose opinions on lures I trust implicitly took a number of bass on the Rudra at the back end of last year, and they are as excited about it as I am. You have to bear in mind here that I have only been out to "play" with this lure and I have yet to fish with it properly, but I hugely like what I am seeing so far. There is a bunch of info on this OSP Rudra right here if that helps.


The OSP Rudra-SP (suspending) is 130mm long and weighs 20g - fairly substantial, and it casts really well. Do a straight retrieve and it dives to around 4-5' I reckon, but you can get it up a little shallower by varying the angle of your rod tip. On a straight retrieve the lure has an incredibly intense wobbling/rolling action that we all know the bass love. If you are going to crank this thing, I reckon a medium kind of pace is the optimum speed, and I can think of all manner of places where it will work well. But it's when you jerk and twitch this Rudra that it really comes to life...........it's a true jerkbait in my mind.

Wind down hard after the cast to get the lure to depth, and then really start jerking and twitching it, with plenty of pauses - it's here that the huge amount of stability gets to me, for you just seem to be able to work this lure as hard as you want and it just looks better and better. Getting this lure to work via your rod action results in the most jaw-dropping darts from angle to angle, across to across if that makes sense, and the sides of the lure really flash very intensely when they catch the light. Pause and the lure will just about hold in place - it's a suspending jerkbait after all, and I reckon it does a hell of a job at staying in position when you pause. And in theory, this is when a bass comes out and nails it. I have a lot to learn about varying my retrieves, but what I do know is that the longer you can make yourself pause a lure like this and let it sit there after darting from side to side, so much the better in many situations. Think about a bass holding back because it does not want to expend too much energy chasing a fast moving lure. Now give this fish some proper time to weigh it up and decide that the "little fish" is having a rest, so this is the time to attack. Makes me very excited just thinking about it !!

If you are looking more and more into all manner of minnows and jerkbaits like I am (not that I have a problem or anything, had to get that in there !!), I believe that some of these OSP lures will be available here in due course. It looks as if there is a good range of colours, and I reckon the colour I have as you can see in these photos here will work especially well when there is a healthy population of pollack around for the bass to kill. Bring it on as they say.

I have created a new category over on the Links section of the website, called "Fishing Tackle - bass fishing lures" - I thought it was about time to start pulling various links together that are all about bass fishing gear. If you know of any that you think should be there, please let me know. I will do what I can to keep this updated with stuff that I find out about and think might be of interest to people.

Can we start to hope once more ? Was England's victory over Wales in the Six Nations a one off, or is it the start of the team gaining momentum and confidence and actually starting play some rugby again ? November 2003 was a long time ago now, and whilst I have THE FINAL and THAT WORLD CUP CAMPAIGN saved on my Sky+ hard drive and watch them whenever I need some former glories to make me feel better about English rugby (a lot over the last few years), like any supporter I am hoping that greater times lie ahead. There was lots of poor stuff in the game on Saturday, but there were also some healthy flashes of a team that is finding its feet once again. Is this the new start ?