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An interesting way of adding a rattle to a silent surface lure, but does it even make a difference?

Facebook seems to work in many different ways, indeed in some respects it scares the life out of me how many people seem to believe everything that is put in front of them on there, but I really enjoy engaging with other anglers and I do like to ask about fishing related stuff I don’t know about - because more often than not there’s some kind angler out there who feeds back with a really good suggestion…………..

“Silent” or rattling surface lures is a dilemma that frequently fries my brain, and it’s something that I am no closer to deciding upon! On the one hand I think that I favour a surface lure with a rattle, but then when I think about it, it’s quite possibly only because the surface lures I feel most confident in happen to make a rattling kind of sound. If the Xorus Patchinko II or 125, IMA Salt Skimmer or say the Whiplash Factory Spittin’ Wire surface lures happened to be silent - although silent is relative when you’ve got the trebles and split rings jangling around - but they still caught bass for me like they tend to do then I’d most likely be saying that I favoured a silent surface lure without extra components inside which cause the “clack, clack” kind of sound when you work them. And so on of course.

I don’t know if you do Facebook, but if you do and you are connected to either the Samson Lures page or Grant Woodgate (the bloke behind Samson Lures), then I am sure your jaw hit the floor repeatedly during February I think it was when Grant kept putting up photos of some huge bass he was catching on his own Samson Fishing lures down in Portugal. Of course I was wishing him every success whilst also choking on my morning coffee at how big these bass were and how pants the weather and time of year was here at home, but one thing has obviously struck me about these Samson Fishing lures - and that’s that they don’t have any internal noise making components. Judging by the size of those bass that Grant was catching on his own lures in some serious seas, it strikes me that these magnificent fish were able to home in on his lures in all that turbulence just fine. Hell, it also strikes me that bass are perfectly able to detect a simple sub-surface bit of metal in all the turbulence that is surf fishing. Check out the bass towards the end of the video above!

But there is still that little bastard on my shoulder telling me that a “clackety clack” surface lure is the way to go sometimes, and whilst I have a lot of playing around to do with these various Samson Fishing lures, there is one of them in particular that really interests me for calmer to medium conditions as is suggested on their website. The 25g Samson Lures “Mini Candle” absolutely frigging flies (way further than a Patchinko II), and whilst as per above you can walk the dog with it rather nicely, on a slower “pop” sort of retrieve, the front of the lure spits little splashes of water out. Which is nice.


So that little bastard on my shoulder starts asking me what this Mini Candle lure might be like with a rattle, but I am not about to start trying to drill into the lure, not with my lack of DIY skills, and at the end of the day I still don’t really know whether silent or rattle makes the blindest bit of difference. I asked on my Facebook page and somebody kindly suggested that you could in fact shrink-tube a rattle onto the hook, and whilst from memory I think I had been on about adding rattles to weedless hooks instead of the actual lures for bumping the bottom, if your treble hook is big enough then you can actually add a rattle to it like this, as per above.


Is it going to work? I’m not sure yet, but it does at least rattle. The joys of cabin fever eh? Somebody did quite rightly say that a typical glass rattle would most likely shatter very quickly when used like this, so I went onto Ebay and found these cheap as chips plastic lure rattles here (I bought the size #3). I then bought some 5mm shrink tube here, and I managed to successfully remove the treble from the split ring, put a bit of shrink tube over the shank, insert a plastic rattle, and then pour boiling water from the kettle over it to shrink it down - all I might add without ending up in A&E or costing myself a fortune in household repair bills. The Samson Lures Mini Candle seems to fly just as well like this so I guess that time will tell whether my amazing DIY rattle-adding is going to make any difference at all! You all have a good weekend and I hope you are getting some of this truly stunning weather as well. Spring is sprung and I am hearing more and more reports of bass being caught on lures from UK shores. Bring it frigging on………………..


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