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An update on these Five Ten Canyoneer SAR

If you have no clue what I am on about, then have a look at this blog post of mine here - I told you that I would try and keep you updated with how these Five Ten Canyoneer SAR "wading" boots are doing. Granted, shoes and boots are perhaps not as exciting as a nice shiny bass lure, but considering that more anglers are getting into lure fishing, and a by product of this is that more anglers then end up buying waders and wading boots, to some of us they do end up being pretty important - and especially with the unavoidable fact that "cheap" wading boots for the most part just ain't going to last that long with what we put them through.

Give me a few more months and I will be able to better tell you how these Five Ten boots are holding up, but I must admit that I have some pretty high hopes for them. So far, so good. I have given up worrying whether they might not be as comfortable as say my outstanding Simms Rivershed wading boots, because the more I wear these Five Ten SAR boots, the more they just feel normal - as in very, very comfortable, far lighter than any wading boot I have ever used from the fly fishing world, and apart from them being somewhat brighter than I am used to, using them as a pair of wading boots is going really well. Those straps work really well in place of laces.

The main reason for this update is to tell you about the grip with these things. I've got a bunch of those awesome Orvis PosiGrip Screw-In studs in the soles, but the other day I had to contact a guy I know who has been using and abusing these Five Ten boots for a couple of years and ask him whether it was just my imagination or was the grip on these boots just frigging incredible. He confirmed that I was not in fact going mad - yes, no doubt about it now, the grip is another level up. From the off they felt good on the rocks, but a couple of times recently I have really been noticing how there seems to be virtually no slipping on any of the surfaces I have been walking over. I have not tried the boots without studs, but together it's just something else how these things grip - they seem to be very good on early morning, dewy grass for example.

The soles so far - all good

To the point that I now need to start being careful. All that grip and I can't help but start to get more and more confident - I was out for a couple of hours the other day on my own and I nearly went straight in the tide because I attempted a bit of a jump that was somewhat beyond my athletic abilities, and even with compression gear on! The boots held firm, it was just that where I landed was a little dicey and more by luck than by judgment I could sway backwards rather than forwards and into a lovely looking but rather cold ocean. Storm gave me one of those withering looks that only a dog can give.

I can't take multiple pairs of wading boots out there to confirm my findings, but without a doubt these Five Ten boots are giving more grip than I am used to. Not that it matters for the sort of fishing I do, but I would be interested to see how these boots would do on those ridiculously slippery rocks and boulders you find at the bottom of rivers - the sort of surface that only felt soles seem to provide any meaningful grip on. Anyway, there's my update on these "wading" boots - having tried various "budget" wading boots over the years, to me there is simply no comparison with these Five Ten ones, and as for those neoprene "rock boot ankle breaker" things I see around, well they might as well be from different planets.

And my apologies for wishing ill upon the Irish again, like when we were playing them in the Six Nations the other day, but I must trust that the increasingly mighty England will dispose of Italy with some degree of ease and then hope that the French decide to play some proper rugby and turn Ireland over - which I believe will hand us the title. A Six Nations to remember if you ask me. Did we not give it to the Welsh in a way that said stuff your Lions shirts because we are going to show you how we front up these days? Epic stuff, but we must then take that confidence down to New Zealand in the summer and see how we front up............

I believe this is a first for the blog - a photo of a flower - but then I have a wife and two girls who genuinely just love pretty flowers!! Girls eh?

Tell me you're not feeling like we are living in a whole different world with this truly glorious weather. Mother Nature I am sure doesn't listen to our lamentations, but if you ask me we deserve this sunshine and dry weather. It fascinates me how recently it was that all it did was rain and blow a gale for weeks on end, and now we're having lunch outside, wearing shorts again (you know it makes sense), getting all excited about the fishing to come, and generally hoping that just perhaps we are truly into spring. You all have a good weekend.

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