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Another great day on the Irish bass (or I want to live here)

  • Patrick smashed this stunning 8lb plus bass on a yellow-back Xorus Patchinko that he is raving about - a fantastic bass, but look at the size of it. In winter that thing is easily over 10lbs. Patrick is guiding for bass these days, as well as selling all manner of hi-tech lures and other bass items (contact him under via the blog list on the right hand side of this page). The danger over here is being blasé about a bass like this, for it is a hugely special fish to see. The light was fairly rubbish most of the morning, but Pat's beaming smile and the stunning lines of the fish made up for it. Nice one guys.

  • The conditions here for open coast lure fishing are a bit messed up with the weather at the moment, but as is the case with this part of Ireland, there is usually somewhere to go for a decent chance at a few bass. We were up again before dawn this morning, and overall it was a pretty good morning's work. Tuck out of the weather, fish good tides with decent lures and it often happens over here. Andy and I keep dreaming about all these houses we are seeing for sale over here....

  • Here is the yellow-back Patchinko in the jaws of another bass, proving once again that these surface lures do it big time for these fish. The amount of water you can cover with them is incredible, and they are not at all hard to work properly. Nothing beats taking fish off the top.

  • A few more bass came on the ebb tide this morning, and then we followed the tide right down and fished some really good looking turbulent water with a mixture of jigs and weighted lures. We all nailed a few more fish, and I was really pleased to catch some bass on a lure that I bought when I was over in France recently, specifically for this sort of fishing. I have never seen this lure in the UK, but one of the French guys explained to me the concept behind the lure and how they fish it, and I knew that it had to work in a couple of spots we fish over here.

  • The lure above is called a Duo Press Bait Kamuy - it's 11cms long, weighs 25g and casts like a bullet, and you can see that it has only a single hook at the back. When you slowly sink and draw it back towards you, the lure flutters back down backwards, and the bass obviously find it completely irresistible at times. I would imagine it might work in a load of different situations, for it casts like a missile and sinks pretty quickly, but I bought it to use over shallow, sandy, feature-filled areas you might normally chuck baits into (gullies, holes etc.). And it works. When they hit it, they crunch it big time.

  • Considering the "summer" weather we are getting over here at the moment, the fishing's been pretty good. Awesome by more regular UK standards perhaps, but about regular over here. A part of me feels that I should spend my time doing all I can to promote my own bass fishing back home, but the simple fact is that there are a load more bass in Ireland, and there are also a load more bigger ones as well.

  • How's this for an example of how they are doing a hell of a lot to protect their inshore waters ? Last night we were walking back to the car, but then we deviated off to try a different spot for a few minutes. Nothing doing, but it looks promising. By the time we got back to the cars, the local bailiff was already there to ask us what we had been doing as he had received reports of some people who might be netting bass. Somebody had seen us and called the local bailiff, and he was down there within ten minutes. How good is that ? Nowhere is perfect I grant you, and I also know that the grass is always greener......but it makes one think does it not ?