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Any questions you might have about these FiveTen Canyoneer boots - ask FiveTen here, today

It's a big thanks to FiveTen UK for offering their services here on the blog today - if you have any questions you want to ask them about their Canyoneer Boots especially (my review here, update here), then ask away in the comments section below and the rather nice Mo Overfield will answer them as comments - he has worked with FiveTen for years and is the first to admit that he knows nothing about fishing, but he's keen to see the sorts of questions we (anglers) might ask him. We've got a case here when I happen to think that a non-fishing product is starting to work really well for fishing, so who knows where this could go? If we don't ask the questions and let these companies know what we want, how can we ever expect to get better stuff? And if there are no questions then Mo ain't going to have to do much typing in the comments section!! Regular business hours apply for Mo answering your questions I believe.

I'm almost at the stage of calling these Five Ten Canyoneer SAR "wading" boots a no-brainer, as in I am seriously starting to question the logic behind spending similar money on what is going to be a fairly budget pair of wading boots - when that sort of dosh gets you these Five Ten Canyoneer SAR boots. I am not saying it's right or wrong that around £100 is only buying relatively budget wading boots, but the fact is that they are an expensive item of fishing tackle, and at the end of the day the only ones that have really lasted me have been various Simms models (I am sure Patagonia ones are good, but I haven't used any of them so far) - and the Simms ones I have used are for for the most part closer to £200 here in the UK.

So if you use wading boots and accept that anything half-decent is going to require a certain amount of money being spent, then I am feeling increasingly comfortable telling you about these rather brightly coloured Five Ten Canyoneer SAR boots that I am pressing into service as wading boots (and it's still thanks to Charles on that Morocco trip, because I don't think I would have come across them if he had not been wearing them). Sure, they might be a little brighter than we are used to in the fishing world, but believe me when I say that I have tried really hard over the years to find what I think is a viable alternative to wading boots for how a lot of us do our fishing. Essentially I have failed, as in I just haven't been able to find anything else that I reckoned was fit for purpose - until that is I came across these FiveTen things.

If you think I should be spending more time talking about rods, reels and lures, then I quite understand. Wading boots are hardly very glamorous, but to me a good pair of waders and wading boots are arguably more important than any of the other stuff. I just can't function without these items, both for my fishing and for my work, and I also don't really do sitting still - if something is working well, might there be something else out there that could work better? Every time I take these FiveTen boots out I try as much as I can to find some sort of fault with using them as wading boots - but then by the time I have done my walking/scrambling/fishing/photography and I am back at my car, I realise that I have once again forgotten all about the boots not actually being "proper" wading boots at all - because they are just working incredibly well.