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Anybody else here suffering the worst case of cabin fever you can ever remember?

What the hell is it about this particular winter and the outrageous state of cabin fever it seems to have left so many of us suffering from? For a while now I have been getting the distinct impression via various online platforms that UK and Irish lure anglers might frequent that a lot of us are looking forward to the forthcoming bass season almost like never before - and then you go and put the weather we’ve been getting since Xmas especially and I am sure that plenty of you are suffering from cabin fever like never before.


Now if the world was perfect and we could all go chasing bass wherever and whenever we liked, with the reports coming out of Guernsey especially, I’d be sorely tempted to move over there for say the the first three months of the year and go smash a few of their big winter bass. It continues to fascinate me with how relatively few miles of sea there actually are between somewhere like Guernsey and us how different the bass fishing can be - and so on of course. Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and then you look at the different parts of the north east coast of the USA for example, and how their anglers are waiting for the striped bass to start their annual migration.

By no means am I saying that there’s zero chance of connecting with the odd bass around where I live during Feb and March especially, but to stand that slightest of chances I feel that I need decent conditions - which of course we haven’t really had for a while now, but then it’s been winter of course and what else do we expect? I do remember a winter a while back now when I was still living in Plymouth and as far as I recall we didn’t have a single gale or frost - oh how I wish I had been lure fishing back then, because that would have been the winter to really have a go at catching the whole way through.

Whilst I think it’s very exciting that lure fishing in fresh and saltwater here in the UK seems to be on the up and up with more and more anglers getting into it, of course you can’t help but worry whether year on year we are going to have enough decent bass around to fish for. We have to hope and every year is different, but as much as many of our species of fish are under increased pressure, I do often wonder how many of us are guilty of doing too much of the same things each year because that’s what we know? And does this doing the same thing perhaps too much of the time affect your catches?


How much bass fishing is there around where you might fish or visit for your fishing that you haven’t come close to exploring for example? If there is one thing that such a serious dose of cabin fever does to me it’s to get me really thinking about my own bass fishing approaches and how I might refresh various parts of it. It’s rather bloody brilliant to have a lot of potential bass fishing almost on my doorstep, but perhaps that can sometimes lull me into taking the easier option too often - when in fact what I so love in fishing is trying different places and different methods and how this helps so much to keep me fresh and interested and absorbed and itching to get out again and again. Roll on the bass fishing kicking off because if there is one thing I can guarantee you it’s that I have enough bass fishing tackle to catch more than bass than I am ever likely to in several lifetimes! Holy cow this cabin fever doesn’t come cheap………….