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Anyone want to come bass fishing in Morocco in December?

Are there any bass anglers out there who fancy a crack at some potentially pretty serious bass (lure) fishing in Morocco ? We need potentially two anglers for a trip that will depart the UK 1st December, fishing 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, return to the UK 7th December. Flights will most likely be out of Gatwick.

Price for fishing/guiding, transport in Morocco, accommodation and food is 750 Euros all in, the flights to and from Marrakesh are extra although they seem pretty cheap. I will be fishing/photographing. The money is nothing to do with me if that helps, but we have got a good deal on the price if there are six anglers plus me on the trip. Check here for the sort of bass fishing that Morocco can produce.

The lads we will be with have had bass over 20lbs from the shore this year so it could be an interesting one. Please, please do not entertain the thought of coming along if you think that a trip like this is any kind of guarantee of loads of big bass. This will be my first time fishing in Morocco and whilst the chance of some serious winter bass fishing is why I am going, I have done enough of these foreign trips to be going there with an open and realistic mind. Of course I am hopeful of seeing what Morocco can offer the lure angler and I have seen plenty of evidence of how awesome the fishing can be when it fires, but I don't want to remotely hype this up and create any unrealistic expectations.

If you want to come along then please email me, check here for my email address. This is not remotely a "holding hands" trip, in that you would be expected to bring all your own fishing gear and at least have half a clue about how to use it !! Sure, the bass can get big down there, but there is no need at all to go buying anything different to the kind of lure fishing gear you use at home. I am told that the fishing is over lots of shallow rough ground and the seas can get pretty lively. Waders and wading boots of course. I believe that 30% of the 750 Euros would be due at the end of this month and then the rest of the balance most likely just before we go - the guys who would be guiding us are in Morocco at the moment.

I am off to Ireland first thing tomorrow morning, so if any of you do want to come, please email me and I will get back to you just as fast as I can. I am seriously excited about this trip as I am on the lookout for some "proper" winter bass fishing that is viable and accessible, and of course with some slightly warmer temperatures than we might expect back home. Do come along if you can, but also bear in mind that spending a week around me has been known to drive people a little mad !!