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Anything that flutters........

Ever since I bought that Duo Press Bait Kamuy "fluttering" lure out in Belle-Ile last year and then caught bass on it in exactly the location I was hoping it might work for me, well I guess I have fallen for them. I reckon that they just make perfect sense when I think about how they work and what they are meant to be imitating, but I also know deep down that it might just be me who thinks like this !! Much as I wish that we often saw big shoals of bass busting on baitfish, we all know the reality of that. But I do think these "flutterers" have a place in the lure box for the odd location or situation. For all my resolve in not abusing my bank account at the Nantes bass show, how on earth could I not buy this thing you can see above in that (evil) tackle shop in St. Malo that we stopped at before catching the ferry back to Jersey.

First off, I am big into any kind of reflective/holographic silver colours on my lures - I am really interested more and more in the subject of lure colour versus action, angler, situation etc., but you can't get away from the fact that if you catch consistently with certain colours (but then is it more the lure action ?) then you are going to have that extra bit of confidence. So when I saw this stunner sitting on the shelf all lonely and neglected I simply had to do the right thing and lead it over to the counter and get my cash out. It's a Duo Press Bait 125HD (125mm, 43g) - a big, substantial and no doubt ultra-long casting "flutterer" that I feel confident will work for me in a few specific locations. And I reckon pollack will go loopy for it as well. Pollack on lure rods is about as much fun as fishing can be in my book.

I have actually removed that big single hook from the back of the lure and instead I've put some a couple of size 1/0 Varivas assist hooks onto that attachment point you can see on the bottom "throat" of the lure. I can seen no reason why this will not work rigged like this. This is no finesse kind of bass lure, but I just like the idea of a "flutterer" that does its deadly work as it falls and flutters through the depths. You need to get your head around the fact that the lure has to be left alone to drop and flutter - this is when it is working. A lure like this is doing virtually nothing at all on a straight retrieve. Cast it out, let it sink and flutter, reel/lift it up, then let it sink down again. Bass, pollack etc. will hit you on the drop.

I also picked up this Jackson Artist Jig Minnow (13cm 28g) at that St. Malo tackle shop - showing great resolve as always around anything shiny and new to me. This one reminds me a lot of that Duo Press Bait Kamuy I have got here, but I have yet to cast or play with this Jackson version yet. But it flutters and therefore it gets in my head !! A few mates of mine no doubt think I have a bit of a problem with fluttering lures, but I have got a hunch on a couple more locations where I think they could do serious damage one of these days. I can't tell you how much pleasure it would give me if one of my (flutterer doubting) mates asked to borrow one !! Oh ye of little faith.......

I did speak briefly to one of the Ultimate Fishing-connected Megabass freaks at the Nantes show about that new MegaBass Flutta Bait lures (see here) - I do speak a bit of French, but he did not have a clue what I was on about when I asked if he had seen or used the "Flutta Bait". It was only when he figured out that I was on about the "Floooooter Bait" (cue French pronunciation of "Flutta") that his eyes rolled back in his head and he grinned a bit like a loon. Not only does that thing cast like a bullet and flutter down very nicely indeed, but he told me that the Flutta Bait also looks awesome on the retrieve. This was not speculation - this bloke had played around with them and was very excited about putting them into action on the French bass stocks. Not that I myself am looking forward to getting my hands on one and launching it out there - not at all. OK, a little bit then. You don't for one second think that I have a problem with fluttering lures do you ?

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