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APIA Foojin'AD Flow Hunt 810ML 8'10'' 7-32g lure rod review - not cheap…...

It’s not remotely scientific and it’s only what I happen to think, but thanks to this particular rod I have finally worked out in my head why (to me) some of the considerably more expensive lure rods seem to be in a bit of a different class. Sure, this new version of the APIA Foojin'AD Flow Hunt 810ML 8'10'' 7-32g lure rod is not remotely cheap (I think APIA redid their entire Foojin’AD range a year or so ago), but there are plenty of expensive fishing rods out there if you go looking. If it’s going to be this expensive then it has to feel like it’s really worth that amount of money to me. So is it?

And whilst just north of £450 here in the UK is a substantial amount of dosh to go spending on a fishing rod, the fact is that some anglers will spend that much. Would I? Well with how much good gear that is out there now for sensible money these days I am undecided, but without a doubt this rather stunning, new version APIA Foojin'AD Flow Hunt 810ML is one hell of a lure fishing rod - but so are plenty of others. I’ll tell you why I think this rod is worth the money though………..

It’s how effortlessly it moves through the different lures and techniques - never remotely straining when casting lures towards the high end (32g), and giving you all the feedback and subtlety you could want when twitching something around like the 6’’ OSP DoLive Stick (15g rigged weedless and weightless). Whilst standing on a rock in a bit of sea and breeze I very deliberately worked through my lure box to see if I could trip this Flow Hunt up, and I couldn’t - and that to me is where the high end rods such as this one earn their stripes so to speak. The rod feels just as good with any regular weight sort of bass lures I might use, and with any technique I might currently employ.

Sure you can fish the same sort of lures on something like the awesome Major Craft Skyroad Surf 9’6’’, but for sure you know when you’re really trying to push say the Xorus Patchinko surface lure out there. Does it matter? Not really, but what I am trying to do here is explain to you why I think an expensive rod like this APIA Flow Hunt costs what it does. I don’t know the ins and outs of making fishing rods, but I am guessing the quality of carbon in a rod like this is different than in a rod costing say half the price or less - and my next guess is that some higher quality carbon and rolling processes etc. can result in a rod like this being so at ease with anything within its casting range that you clip on.

So I stood on my rock and cast a white Deps Deathadder 6’’ out (15g rigged weedless and weightless), and then twitched it around and got bumped hard on about my third cast. Swine fish! This Flow Hunt works soft plastics like this beautifully - so I’ve got that “feel” of the rod in my head, how effortlessly it puts that particular lure out there, and how well the rod tip works as you help the lure come to life. Next step is to clip on something very different, the Xorus Patchinko, and properly wind it up - but to be honest the rod doesn’t remotely break a sweat with how incredibly easy and efficient it is with the heavier, larger surface lure. There’s just no straining from the rod during the cast. Working the Patchinko at range with my rod tip up is great, no worries at all.

Casting and retrieving various hard lures is exactly as you’d expect - brilliant. As is bumping a Fiiish Black Minnow around, and I love the feedback I’m getting. Change back to a soft plastic, this time a 6’’ OSP DoLive Stick, yet the rod doesn’t feel any less accomplished now I am not remotely pushing that top end casting weight. I absolutely love the tip on this Flow Hunt by the way - it blends into some serious but easily usable power. Then I really went for it with the 30g Westin Kongetobis (says 27g on the packet, but they weigh 30g), a lure which is surely a perfect replacement for the discontinued Bass Bullet. I can hit that 30g lure as hard as I can and still the rod isn’t remotely straining, but my reel is, and that’s because I am about to run out of braid. Holy cow that lure flies! Can’t wait to use it in a bit of surf over in Ireland especially……...

I did actually have a few casts again with the previous generation APIA FLow Hunt the other day, and it was as nice as I remembered when I reviewed it a few years ago - see here. This new 8’10’’ version feels somewhat “tighter” to me - a little more together in the tip area especially, or in the way the rod seems to flow as you fish it (sorry about that pathetic riff on the rod name!). I always like the handles that APIA put on their rods, and this one on the new Flow Hunt is just fantastic. I do tend to fish with 9’ and longer lure rods these days, but I’d be more than happy with this 8’10’’ long Flow Hunt - rod plus reel just feels great in my hands, indeed the only slight niggle is that at this price the rod isn’t rung with Fuji Torzite guides.

The previous generation APIA Flow Hunt

The previous generation APIA Flow Hunt

Will it catch you a heap more fish than say something like the outstanding Shimano Dialuna 9’ 6-28g rod that I reviewed a while back? Nope, and neither will this Apia Flow Hunt put your lures out further, land more fish for you, or make you more attractive to the fairer sex when you are wearing tights (technical leggings!) under your waders. That’s not the point though. Some anglers want to spend more money on their fishing tackle. In my mind there’s no doubting how this APIA Foojin'AD Flow Hunt 810ML is a seriously class lure fishing rod that I am sure will find its way into a few UK and Irish lure anglers’ hands - and I hope that whoever is up for parting with this much money for a lure fishing rod enjoys the lure fishing experience with it as much as I have. What an awesome bit of kit, and once again I am really pleased that such a good selection of APIA rods are available in the UK at The Art of Fishing - APIA make so many lure rods that are so perfectly suited to our fishing.

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