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Are all fishermen as weak-willed as me ?

Ever since the bass show in Nantes earlier this year (see here), I have been trying to resist purchasing a new red rod - the Tenryu Super Mix 240. Hell, I pride myself on being decisive and very strong-willed, but when it comes to fishing gear then I guess I am as weak as the next (fisher)man....

Yes, you've guessed it, I gave in. I capitulated. I broke down and made the call. Whatever way you want to look at, weakness prevailed and I purchased the new red rod. Nearly three months resisting the urge to get this bass weapon, in fact I reckon I have done pretty well to hold out for so long - isn't it amazing how us anglers can justify a new purchase in so many different ways ?

I could almost hear Mick giggling on the other end of the phone, in fact I have a sneaking suspicion that ever since he had seen my eyes glaze over at the Nantes bass show he had been holding a Super Mix 240 back for me in a secret corner of his shop, knowing full-well that it was only a matter of time until he got a call like this (I got the new red rod right here) :

"Mick, you know that red rod ? Well. I've been thinking, and I reckon I need one. OK, I've got the Red Dragon Express and we all know it's the ultimate hard plastic plugging rod, but I think I need to add a degree of finesse to my fishing." (OK, cue the laughter on the other end of the phone. Henry, finesse ? Told you I could justify it to myself.) "How about I dust off my wallet and get a Super Mix 240 ? What's that, you've got a few in stock ? That's amazing, how did you know ?" (Cue more giggling from the other end). Never take a fellow bass freak for granted, it's lethal.

I will post my findings on the new weapon up here in due course. It is what I remember it being when I was shown it at the bass show - purposefully designed to be a true crossover rod that copes properly with soft plastics, hard lures, and some light vertical jigging. It's mine now !! I may be weak when it comes to fishing gear, but I've got a new red rod to add to my collection of one. What a stunning bit of kit.