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Are these new to the UK Doomsday Tackle “Laggin’ Dragon” soft plastics a viable alternative to my beloved DoLive Stick?

I don’t know yet by the way, but I wanted to let you know that those fine purveyors of lure related filth at The Art of Fishing tackle shop and website have just taken delivery of what to me is a very interesting looking soft plastic - the 5.4’’ long (10.5g unrigged) “Laggin’ Dragon” from Doomsday Tackle over in the US.


As happy as I am with the 6’’ long OSP DoLive Stick (12.5g unrigged), I am a obsessed angler and as such from time to time I look around to see if there are other lures that might do the same kind of thing for me - and yes, go looking and there are any number of soft plastic jerkbait-style lures from the US especially. From my limited understand it seems that this style of lure is a staple of the US freshwater bass fishing scene.

But not all soft plastics are made equal, and I can attest to this via a box of soft plastics I have bought over the years in the US which I then got home and tested and didn’t like nearly as much as the DoLive Stick. Many of them are far lighter and don’t cast well rigged weedless and weightless and the soft plastic material seems to be more buoyant than whatever the DoLive Stick is made from (plenty of salt?) - which actually makes sense considering that so much US freshwater bass fishing is done from boats so casting distance isn’t so key, and as far as I can tell they don’t usually rig these soft plastic jerkbait-style lures weedless and weightless as some of us often do for our (saltwater) bass fishing over here. And so on…………


But this new Laggin’ Dragon feels far more like a DoLive Stick to me - I like the weight for the length and there’s a nice big hook slot in the top of the lure. I haven’t cast or fished with one yet, but right after putting this blog post up I am heading out fishing and I have a couple rigged weedless and weightless in my lure box. The tail on the Laggin’ Dragon looks lovely - it’s bigger and more pronounced than on the DoLive Stick - and I reckon as a lure they could be really interesting in the water. Please don’t shoot the messenger here by the way, but I am aware that more and more anglers are on the lookout for soft plastics for their bass fishing. From the Art of Fishing these new Laggin’ Dragon lures are £8.99 per packet of six, and I like that. If it helps, in the photos here I have rigged the Laggin’ Dragon with these hooks here.

6'' DoLive Stick (top), 5.4'' Laggin' Dragon (bottom)

6'' DoLive Stick (top), 5.4'' Laggin' Dragon (bottom)

I put a blog post up on Wednesday of this week based on the fact that when I think about it, I use white lures a hell of a lot for my bass fishing - and I feel a bit bad because as far as I can tell those lovely white DoLive Sticks are now out of stock! My apologies, but then part of the reason for this blog post today is that these new Laggin’ Dragon soft plastics are available in a “Pearly White” colour. As I said, I haven’t tried these new lures yet, but they do look rather damn tasty and I had best go grab my gear and head out there……………..

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