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Are you starting to buzz again?

I was out walking my dog Storm the other day and I was thinking about how some of us almost crawl out of winter like a bear comes out of hibernation - they need to feed and we need to spend some serious time out fishing. If lure fishing is your thing then I imagine you are really getting that buzz back about getting out fishing and having a proper chance at a few decent fish from whatever coastlines you might fish. Obviously a bass like Cian caught the other day (see the blog post below this one) gets me all fired up again about the time I have set aside to spend in Ireland this year for various reasons (guiding, photography etc.), but of course my excitement levels are also high for my local waters………

Whilst I accept that big blue sky days are hardly the best for going bass fishing on many coastlines, how welcome is this weather we have been getting? The water’s just starting to warm up which is good for so much of our fishing (even if my legs went numb yesterday when I was standing in the water watching my girls surfing - do kids feel the cold like we do?), the t-shirts and shorts are getting an airing, we’re spending more and more time outdoors which can only be good, and of course the barbie’s getting a lot more use than it got during the winter. What’s not to like about the onset of spring and summer? I can’t help but smile when I am out walking Storm and the countryside feels so alive with all that glorious birdsong, and the recent sunny weather has made every single thing about the great outdoors feel even better.

Sometimes you get the most awesome skies on a really dark night. Sorry........!!

Sometimes you get the most awesome skies on a really dark night. Sorry........!!

And like every year I promise to myself to try and do a few things fishing related that bit differently to last year, and this time around I am going to do my best to spend more time out night fishing with lures for bass. It breaks me photographically and I can’t get away from my dislike at having to chuck a load of harsh flash into the equation, and without a doubt my body clock is different to say twenty years ago when I was as good as nocturnal with my bait fishing, but I am convinced that there are plenty more “secrets” to unlock about my local bass fishing. I have caught a fair few over in Ireland at night on the lures, and we have so many spots around here that just look perfect for it - the only way to prove my theories though is to get out there and do it. And a dead slow retrieved senko ain’t a bad way to start, as per the previous blog post.

I am definitely going to keep spending a bit of time on the wrasse. I love it. It’s such a blast fishing soft plastics for these fish and I can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours on a gorgeous sunny day than out on our breathtaking coastline, somewhere away from where most other people bother to walk, and just giggling when the wrasse are really on and you can almost “lead” them into chomping the plastics. I’ve met a few trout anglers for example who turn their noses up at anything other than upstream dry fly fishing for (mostly stocked) trout on some southern English chalkstream, and likewise I don’t really understand how a lure angler couldn’t enjoy smashing something a bit different to bass when the conditions aren’t ideal for them. Each to their own of course, but I do also happen to think that catching different fish on slightly different is a good way to improve as an angler.

I went through my box of rigged soft plastics the other day and ditched any weedless hooks that had rust on them, as well as any of the actual soft lures that were damaged and losing colour. New hooks and new lures for a new season, and why not? Aside from binning the odd weedless hook last year because of some rust that inevitably sets in over time, and not including wrasse fishing or chucking Black Minnows into the really rough stuff, I don’t reckon I lost more than a couple of weedless hooks to snags when bass fishing. Sure, soft plastics can tear up or even get ripped clean off the hook sometimes, but Mend-It mends a few rips and hook holes, and most soft plastics I reckon are pretty good value for money. New season, fresh start.

There have been a few reports of the odd bass coming in around the UK on lures, and I note with interest how there’s a bit of S and SW wind forecasted for this weekend down here. If you aren’t starting to really feel that buzz once again then I would suggest that either you go to the doctor and get the old ticker checked out, or else you need to give yourself a kick up the arse. This is a glorious time of year and already those horrible short days seem like a distant memory. Our part of the world is coming back to life and although we see it every year, tell me you don’t still look around with a sense of wonder? The early morning sunrise, the cacophony of birdsong, the increased warmth, the flowers and the colours, and that delightful sensation that our (lure) fishing is really starting again. You all have a good weekend, and if you get out, may your lures get eaten……

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