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Argentina fishing - web gallery up

I have put together a web gallery of some of the photos from my Argentina trip - to have a look, click here and then scroll through. There is also a link to this web gallery on the Links section of this main page. I have put a few shots in there of some tango dancers who were performing on a busy shopping street in Buenos Aires, and I only wish I had had more time to photograph this fantastic dancing. If anybody has ever seen me "dance" (a rare occurrence I grant you), then you will know just how far removed my own abilities are from the tango. Stampeding elephant might better describe my dancing at various family weddings, and as for my dad...............

These fish have got to me so badly that they are literally swimming around my head !! I had a long chat with Nick from The Latin American Fishing Company this morning, and there is plenty of seriously exciting stuff that they are involved with in South America, so get in touch and start exploring this fascinating continent. "I will be back"..........

You can see why short wire biting traces are so essential for golden dorado - take a look at those teeth above and you will also realise just what damage they do to your lovely, shiny new lures and lovingly tied flies. My beloved Halco Roosta poppers were firstly scarred by successive fish, and then unceremoniously stolen from me by a couple of very big, angry fish.

My parents kindly brought me back the most stunning coffee table fly fishing book from Santiago, called "Fly Fishing in Chilean Patagonia", by Gonzalo Cortes and Nicolas Piwonka. I am not sure where you can get it in the UK, but the ISBN number is 956-8077-19-7 and the publishers website is here. It is really worth tracking down. This is a truly breathtaking book on some of the world's best and most beautiful trout fishing, and I am going to have to go there sometime soon. Isn't it great that the sport of fishing can take one to the most stunning and wild places on earth ?

And talking of wild, what about these storms we have just had ? I was watching the news last night and they showed some footage of Devon and Cornwall being pounded by massive waves and strong winds. As ever, nature sometimes likes to show us what it is capable of and it is deeply impressive.

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