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Arrived in Argentina

You know that when your plane sits on the tarmac at Heathrow for an extra hour and a half before taking off, a tight connection the other end just became a problem. A twelve hour flight to Sao Paulo, missed the connecting flight and then had to wait four hours for another one. No great hassle though, turned up at Buenos Aires airport to be met by representatives working for the Latin America Fishing Company, who then whisked me to a hotel in the centre of town. Time for a bit of kip, it's been a long journey.

We are here in Buenos Aires until about midday tomorrow, and then we grab another flight up to the Uruguay river to chase these monster golden dorado at La Zona, a tightly restricted area where only certain numbers of anglers are allowed to fish at any one time. To say I am looking forward to photographing these stunning fish would be an understatement. And I might even try and catch one myself, in between taking photos of course.....

My parents have actually just been on holiday in Patagonia, in fact they flew back in to the UK on the same day as I flew out. They are not fishermen themselves, but they said that Patagonia looked simply incredible, and they had spoken to loads of people about the fantastic fishing..........guess where I am going to try and rig up a trip to ??!! Too many places, too little time. They kindly gave me a stunning looking book on fishing in Patagonia, and when I am back in the UK and have a bit of time to look through it properly, I will put the details up here.

Now I am just itching to break the camera bag open, chuck on a few lenses and get working - with a little bit of fishing of course. Why on earth would I work in fishing if I did not get the chance to dabble occasionally ?

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