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Arrived in Canada

We arrived at Camp Bonaventure around 11pm local time last night, after an easy flight from Gatwick to Fredericton via Halifax (Novia Scotia), and then a five hour drive north up onto the Gaspe peninsular. The weather when we arrived was stunning - warm, huge blue skies, and then we drove north as night came in. The roads out here are seriously empty and the people are as friendly as ever. Canada is an awesome country.

Bearing in mind that we arrived here at Camp Bonaventure around 4am UK time, obviously the body clock is a bit off, so I collapsed into bed last night and went straight to sleep. But it was less than four hours later when I woke up, thinking I had somehow had a lie in, when in fact it was 3am local time. So I have been pacing around waiting for breakfast while other more normal people are asleep, doing my best to keep quiet (yeah, right), sorting out my camera gear, doing some work on my laptop (as is the norm, it's free wireless access here - why is there not more of this in the UK ?) and thinking plenty about the job I am here to do. Plus drinking lots of coffee to keep the brain engaged. The first day on a trip like this is always done on adrenaline anyway.

Current reports are of some good salmon fishing - we are going to be on a couple or rivers around here where it is all about sight fishing for them, and then in a few days we will drive further south and spend some time around the huge Miramichi river system. There have been Atlantic salmon taken to over 50lbs fairly recently, so we shall see what happens !! That is a serious lump of fish.....

The place we are staying at is fantastic - right on the banks of the Bonaventure river on the edge of the wood. I know Pete is really keen to check this place out properly for his clients, so make sure to check back with him here in due course about trips out here. The lack of people out here is simply incredible, I love it.

Nick Hart's Open Day last Saturday was a roaring success, and I was sad not to be able to make it. They had perfect weather and had stacks of people around to check out what was going on. Nick has put a full report up on his blog here.

I am hearing fantastic feedback about this new online "Catch Magazine" that I posted about a couple of days ago - reports from the guys in the US are more than positive, so that is great news. I am proud to be involved with something like this.

Anyway, it's about breakfast time here, so it's time to get something to eat, load up the trucks and then go and nail this stuff properly. I will put some photos up when I can. You have no idea how excited I am to be able to call this kind of thing my job.

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