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At last - prints, canvasses, etc. are now available to buy

I have been looking to do this for a long time, and today I can finally announce that a huge selection of my photos are now available to buy as prints, canvasses, framed prints etc. and even jigsaws and mousemats !! I have had lots and lots of people ask me over the last few years about buying my photos as prints, and now I have found the right people to do it. The best thing of all is that you can simply click the new black banner addition "Prints for Sale" at the top of the website pages and this will take you through to a new part of the website that is totally dedicated to choosing and ordering the various photo products. The photo above is available right here for example. Please take a look and tell me what you think.........

There are various categories that I have put the available photos into, including Bass fishing, Black and White, Fly fishing, Freshwater fishing, Landscapes and seascapes, Live music (gotta have some metal !!), Saltwater fishing and Saltwater fly fishing. I hope there is something there that rather floats your boat.....the photo above can be found here. Bass are such evocative fish. Did I ever tell you I rather like them ??!!

Obviously this printing service is a bit of a gamble on my part, but I have thought about it long and hard, and I also spent a long time looking for the right people to fulfill the actual ordering, printing and shipping side of things. The guys are passionate about what they do and I very much like the way the system works. Fishing has always been the most incredibly visual thing to me and I know that plenty of people out there feel the same way. There are also plenty of non-fishing photos up there as well, so please take a close look around. I will keep adding photos in due course, and if by any chance you see something on this site that grabs you, contact me and I can always put it up there if I have not done so already. The photo you can see above is here.

The photo above is still my all time favourite shot of a bass, and I am going to get a big canvass done myself (see here) and put it up in my office - I liked this shot the moment I framed it up in the viewfinder, and I like the fact that I can sit here working with the eye of a perfect predator following me all the time. Makes me feel kinda secure in a strange way........

I could spend the rest of my life around wild brown trout and die a contented man - these fish are just so special, and when the light comes together with a good looking fish I tend to get all shaky with adrenaline. What I do means that much to me I guess. The shot above for example is available here. I hope you have a bit of fun looking around, and please do give me any feedback on the whole printing system.

I am off over to south east Ireland tomorrow - who me, excited ? Never !! My head is spinning so much about it I can't sleep properly. I bang on about the merits of Ireland a lot, indeed I have to reign myself in sometimes, but the Emerald Isle is without doubt my favourite destination on earth. As much as time and internet connections allow, I will keep this blog updated as often as possible. I had better get on and pack my gear up now, so I hope all of us get some decent summer weather.