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At least our weather is original.....

......because that's about all I can say at the moment about the wind and rain we are getting. Just when you get a glimpse of warm weather, big blue skies and a summer to look forward to, this current garbage comes in and gives us all a proverbial slap in the face !! Never, ever take UK weather for granted - but then we all know that don't we ? The only thing keeping me sane is all that talk the Met Office has talked of a decent summer.

Out come the shorts a few weeks ago, the white(ish) legs get exposed to the first tantalisingly warm afternoons, the world seems great. OK, so the bass haven't exactly been queuing up to jump on my lures, but things are looking good for the year ahead. And then what the hell went and happened over the weekend ? And is still going on today ? At around 5am on Sunday morning it felt like the roof was going to blow off the house and the rain was never going to stop.

I was home alone over the weekend, and I had all kinds of plans to do a bit of work and spend a few hours fishing - guess what went right out of the window ? Yes, you've guessed it, the rods never came out. More cod conditions than anything else. Now come on weather, time to grow up and give us a bit of hope again. To think that last weekend I wore suncream for two days when we were on the Isles of Scilly.

But I did hear of a big, 25lb plus pike that came to a mate of the pike-mad Danny Parkins (see his own monster pike here) on Friday I believe - and on a surface lure !! Imagine seeing that crocodile coming at you. Awesome fishing, well done guys. Danny texted me to say he lost a couple of really big pike yesterday, and had a jack unceremoniously torn from his hooks by a somewhat larger fish. Predators eh ? Lure fishing gets the heart going big time.

My Irish friends are at the start of their month-long bass close season - it runs from 15th May - 15th June. At least the rubbish weather means they don't have to think what could have been. I do think the close season is a great move, but I would imagine that when tides and conditions are good, it must be tough to not be able to go.

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