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At the "Hooked Live" show this weekend in Dublin

On Friday I am flying over to Dublin for the Hooked Live show that runs Saturday and Sunday out at the massive CityWest hotel complex. It was very kind of the organisers to ask me back to the second year of the show, and by now I am sure you know my feelings about heading over to Ireland. I love the place !! OK, so I am not going fishing this time, but I can't tell you how much of a buzz I get from talking with all kinds of anglers from all over the place. If you see me wandering around, please come and say hi.

I am doing a bunch of talks and demonstrations - check here for the details. Please come along if you are at the show as I am never sure if anybody is ever going to turn up to hear me rabbiting on at a hundred miles an hour about things like fishing and photography. I am pretty good at talking to myself, but having a few people watching at least makes the organisers think it's worth having this bloke Henry Gilbey over to their show !! I have heard that the show is going to be a whole lot bigger than last year, so it should be a complete blast, as indeed it was last year. And of course England are playing France in the Six Nations rugby at 5pm on the Saturday afternoon - so please excuse me for not doing the longest demonstration in the world as I turn tail and rush inside for the match. I am hoping to watch it with Max Coque who I met out at the Nantes show on the Irish tourism stand - Max is a Frenchman who lives up in Galway in Ireland and runs a well known and highly successful charter boat - check out his website here. Last year I was the only English guy in the hotel bar as Ireland beat us in the Six Nations, but this time around I reckon it's going to be one hell of a match. England for the win of course..........having a Frenchman nearby to rub in the fact that England beat them would be great, but if we lose then I am going to have to do a runner !!

I got back from the Nantes show in France around midday on Monday morning after a slight delay at Jersey airport due to some heavy fog suddenly rolling in. I have come back with so much information in my head, and now it's a case of trying to work it all out and see what I believe might and might not be relevant to "our" bass fishing especially. I am in total agreement with the way that the French bass anglers go about their fishing, but it would also be somewhat ignorant of me not to try and keep my eyes and ears open to how other anglers go about their own lure fishing. Firstly it's my job to try and stay well informed, but above all that is my desire as an angler to learn more and try to get better at what I do.

I can't tell you how much I want to try and get myself over to Japan someday in the near future to check out their bass fishing from the shore. In an ideal world I would try and time it with that huge Osaka fishing show of theirs, for research purposes of course, and then I would love to get out on the rocks and photograph how these guys go about their fishing. They seem to have a lot of fish around when the conditions are right, and of course lure fishing is a huge thing for them. This guy from DUO lures that I was talking to at the Nantes show certainly set a few light bulbs off in my head. So much to think about. Hope to see some of you at the weekend......