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At the Swords fishing show in Dublin this coming weekend

This Friday evening I am flying over to Dublin to spend the weekend at the Ireland Angling Show which is held at the National Show Centre (Swords) - very close to Dublin airport I believe, and I can't wait. I love fishing shows and of course it's a great excuse to head over to Ireland and spend two plus days meeting and yapping with all kinds of anglers from all over my favourite country in the world. I just hope though that they will have recovered from the beating we gave them in the rugby yesterday. Ouch...........

I have never been to this particular show before and from my understanding it is one seriously packed and busy couple of days. Check the show page here. I will be doing a couple of talks, so please come along if you are at the show and let me shout at you for half an hour or so with a bunch of my photographs in the background. And if the idea of this leaves you cold (understandable), then there are plenty of other less hectic and somewhat nicer people at the show, including Mike Thrussell and the lovely Mary Gavin Hughes and Glenda Powell. I see they are letting in people such as Jim Clohessy and Stevie Munn as well, but that's nothing to do with me (sorry !!).

Anyway, if you are at the show and see a newly middle-aged, athletic looking bloke wandering around (age related delusion ?), please stop me and tell me all about your Irish fishing because I will never tire of hearing about it. Here's to the weekend and I hope to see some of you at the Swords show. Of course I won't mention anything more about the rugby.

Come on, what do you take me for ? Nope, it was not a remotely pretty game of rugby, but I loved it. Two teams going at each other in some pretty awful weather conditions which essentially killed the contest as an open running affair, but wow wasn't it some good old fashioned rugby. Ireland is by far the more mature team, but personally I thought that England seriously grew up as a team yesterday, and to win in Dublin away from home to me is a bigger result than the drubbing we gave the All Blacks late last year. Roll on the France game in a couple of weeks.

And talking of France - check out my front cover above of the new Sea Angler magazine that comes out later this week. I don't shoot that much bass fishing from boats, but this cover shot is of French bass angler Matt Guennal with a bass of around the 12lb mark. If you follow this blog (and thank you if you do) then you'll know this shot comes from that Brittany photo shoot I did late last year with the lads from Fiiish, indeed Matt is the designer of the Black Minnow lures and also the new products I believe they will be launching at the Nantes show next weekend. I still pinch myself at how we lucked out with the weather conditions that week. Can't wait to see what Sea Angler has done with my feature in the magazine..................