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Awesome fly fishing films - coming to a cinema near you very soon

If you have any interest at all in how good fishing can look, then please take a look at this blog post and get yourself along to one of the cinema dates of the forthcoming RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival 2009, where they will be showing a bunch of short films that showcase some of the most stunning, outstanding and little-known fly fishing on this earth. It doesn't matter what kind of fishing floats your boat, because I bet that a bunch of us here are into the visual side of the sport in a big way. Here are the dates and locations, but make sure to check out the website here as well :

Vue West End Cinema?óÔé¼?¿
Tuesday, 10th November 2009?óÔé¼?¿

Vue Cinema - Reading
Wednesday, 11th November 2009

Vue Cinema - Manchester Lowry
Monday, 16th November 2009

Dominion Cinema ?óÔé¼?¿
Wednesday, 18th November 2009?óÔé¼?¿

EXETER SHOW (I am going to this one)
Vue Cinema - Exeter
Monday, 23rd November 2009

There are a bunch of people working in fishing who strive to do things differently, and personally I reckon these individuals deserve huge respect. I remember when I first started making my fishing programmes, when the cameras (BetaCam SP if I remember rightly) were massive, very heavy, and horribly expensive. Asking the crew to walk another two miles to the next headland made me feel kinda guilty (but I still did it !!). But look at how the world has changed, and then look at guys like Gin-Clear media who go out and make the most outstanding fly fishing films because they can, they want to, they are very good at it.The guys are doing these things off their own back, and they have proper talent. Technology is there these days to allow people to have a go, and I admire the hell out of the guys who go out on a limb - take it from me, it is hugely rewarding, but it is far from easy. There are a bunch of trailers from these short films right here (you can also book tickets for the showings here as well) - I have seen their short film called "The Source - Tasmania", and it is just awesome.

I will be going along to the showing in Exeter on 23rd November and I hope to see some of you there. Guys like this need all the support that fishermen can give them - we might not go and do some of this fishing, but surely a glimpse of other fishing worlds is vitally important ? I want to know about all kinds of places and all kinds of fishing, and I really like learning about the different ways of doing things. The whole world is of interest to me, and not just my backyard. I also just like seeing strong fishing visuals because they just give me a buzz. Here is the programme of events for the film shows :

Introduction to first two films

Rivers on the edge (10 mins)
A short film by Charles Rangely-Wilson concerning the plight of the English chalk streams and what we can do to save them.

Raising the ghost (25 mins)
Chronicle 7 epic days of fly fishing on a remote British Columbia river. The Fly Boys team is attempting to catch Steelhead on dry fly.

Introduction to feature film

The Source - Tasmania (50 mins)
Strap yourself in for a breathtaking ride through Australia's fly fishing wonderland.

Question and Answer
Prize Draw
Introduction to final film

The Source - Iceland (10 mins)
A teaser from the upcoming full-length feature shot on location in Iceland 2009

Photo courtesy Cian O'Halloran

Now, how on earth am I meant to be able to concentrate on my work when my Irish mates keep emailing me photos like the one you can see above ? "I stopped for a little bit on the way back from work the other day" goes Cian O'Halloran, "and managed to catch a couple of nice bass. Biggest was this 8.5lb fish." Literal translation in my mind - "I decided to hell with too much work for the day, conditions were just so good. Made a couple of calls claiming to be ill, sneaked out somewhere along the coast of southern Ireland and filled my boots." Jealous, me ? Never......

Check out the condition of this bass, now that is an autumn fish in prime condition. I note also that Cian is not showing off his pearly white teeth in this photo - perhaps they have just been done and he did not want to cause too much glare in his camera lens !! The fish went back unharmed by its experience with the whitest, shiniest teeth in southern Ireland. Don't believe me ? See below (sorry mate !!) See you guys later in the week, still waking up at silly o'clock with excitement - I am actually embarassed to admit to the time I got up this morning. It's not right. This week's bassing is going to be done on pure adrenaline and a whack load of coffee for me. Bring it on - Andy and I go and get the StenaLine Fishguard to Rosslare ferry on Wednesday, and like last time, we are staying right in the middle of bass heaven at one of the houses I told you about the other day (see here).

Talking of short films again, check out a short trailer to a short film that my youngest brother made recently right here. I have seen the full fifteen minute short and it scared the hell out of me - it blew me away in fact, it was just awesome. Very, very unsettling and menacing, and really well put together. If he puts the whole short film up on the internet, I will let you know.

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