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Awesome new polarised lenses.....

I have been using Maui Jim polarised sunglasses for a few years now and I reckon that they are the best ones we can get our hands on. You can't pick them up dirt cheap like you can with lesser brands, but as with so much in fishing, you get exactly what you pay for. I have a few different pairs that I have used and abused all over the world - take it from me, if you are serious about your eye-wear, get hold of these glasses and a whole different world will open up to you. I only wish that they could make all my my fish a bit bigger !!! I can see them better, but why don't Maui Jim make them larger ?

I do not work for Maui Jim and they do not pay me to use their products - life is too short and fishing is too small for this kind of nonsense to go on, but I am totally behind products that do their job well. I value a decent pair of polarised sunglasses as much as I do a good rod, reel or pair of breathable chest waders. And I have got my hands on a really interesting new pair of Maui Jim glasses that have a brand new lens colour.......

The glasses that you can see above are the ones I have just got hold of - I tend to use the HCL Bronze lenses for most of my fishing, whether in the UK or abroad, but the lenses above are designed to work especially well in lower light situations. Rather useful considering how rubbish the weather now is here !! Called HT lenses, they look like they are going to do a really good job for me - they really make the greens especially "jump" at you when the sky is overcast, giving everything a real boost. It goes without saying that these new lenses are outstanding at cutting through the glare and allowing you to see into the water. I'll keep using them and will report back here at a later date.

I know that you can get a good range of Maui Jim glasses at Hart Flyshop, see here for how to get hold of them. I am seeing more and more anglers wearing Maui Jim sunglasses, so it seems as though this brand is really catching on here in the UK.

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