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Back home, eyes down

I got into Heathrow at around 8am yesterday morning and was back in Plymouth with my family by lunchtime - whatever I do in life, nothing beats opening that front door and being enveloped by my two daughters and my wife. Plus my sheepdog Jess of course. I love doing what I do for my for work, but it's tough leaving my family behind on these trips, and I so look forward to seeing them all again. After this trip to Mongolia at the end of next week I should be home for a while. Until Ireland's call becomes too strong to ignore..........

Believe it or not, I was very/fairly restrained in Bass Pro in Miami when we were delayed - to be be perfectly honest, I actually enjoy shopping for clothes for my two daughters more than shopping for fishing gear. Is that shadow on my computer monitor my nose growing ??!! No, seriously, I love coming home from the US with a bunch of clothes for them. Being a father has made me soft in the head over my girls. The fact that the small 15lb Boga Grip might have found its way into my bag must have been a mistake........about time I had one of these. They cost, but they are the best fish-grips out there, and my getting one was way overdue.

It's eyes down at the moment processing the mass of photos I shot in Bolivia - on a trip like that I can do what I call a "primary edit" after each day's fishing/photography on my little 10.6 inch Fujitsu-Siemens laptop that has done me such good service for a few years now. The Compact Flash cards from my cameras are downloaded straight onto a little external hard drive at the end of each day - I then do that rough edit,in a programme called Photo Mechanic (the best photo editing/viewing software I have ever come across, see here), back them up to another external hard drive, try and keyword them if I have time, and then get ready for the next day's shooting. And also have a bite to eat and do this blog. When I am back home and can use my far larger monitors, I do a "final edit" where I go through all the photos again and get rid of any dross I might have missed the first time around. Then it's on to actually processing the RAW files into high-res JPEGs that I can send out to clients and put up on my website etc.

I spoke with Patrick over in Ireland on my way back down the motorway yesterday, and reports are that the bass fishing is excellent when the weather behaves. I have various plans to get back over to Ireland again this year, but make sure to speak to Patrick here about his bass guiding services. Nothing beats direct access to good local knowledge.

I also spoke with Mick at Mr. Fish over in Jersey (see here), and they have been getting insane numbers of bass off the surface on lures such as the Xorus Patchinko and the Frosty. I have a feeling that Mick has a bit of secret squirrel lure stuff that he is getting in, so now is the time for me to exert maximum self-control over my wallet !! The guys have also got that new Tenryu Injection in stock - if you have never heard of this particular fishing "wand", head over to an older blog post of mine right here and see what it's all about. I am trying to ignore the fact that these rods are in stock.

Bass fishing fever strikes again the moment I am home - had a good chat with Nick at Bass Lures yesterday evening, and these guys have got loads of new lures in stock, including those awesome IMA lures that were doing so well on my recent trip to Ireland. They are updating their website daily, so make sure to keep checking back. Their website is here. Anyway, back to the Bolivia photos..............

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