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Back home tomorrow.......

These Irish trips go far too quickly - seems like only yesterday that we got here, and then tomorrow we are heading back home. I really feel that on this trip I have learnt so much more about bass fishing in general. The actual fishing has been up and down with the conditions, but all the time I have been watching, learning, and experimenting. But what blows me away most about these Irish trips is the incredible friendliness and generosity of these local bass lads - honestly, it is embarrassing how much these guys we know go out of their way to help us out, and for that I am constantly and eternally grateful.

Cian's open day at his new Absolute Fishing tackle shop here in Tramore was a huge success - so cool to meet so many fishermen from around here, and some of the people had travelled for miles to support the event. I spoke to so many die hard bait anglers who had recently "discovered" lure fishing for bass and were now completely hooked - exactly like me. There is something so special about wandering a coastline with a load of lures. Bass fishing is fitness work !! We have covered some serious miles this week..............as per usual. I love it with a passion.

Nick and I have spent a fair bit of time fishing with local bass and lure junkie James Barry - another one of these incredibly talented anglers that this wonderful country seems to breed. He outfished both Nick and I quite spectacularly the other morning !! When James is not out fishing (a lot), he works in Absolute Fishing. Lure heaven, but bad news if you are weak like me............

James took these fish on the Tackle House Feed Shallow - one of those killer lures when you have to fish really shallow over some wonderfully evil bass ground. I know so many anglers who swear by the Feed Shallow, and I really like the fact that the lure is working best when you do nothing more than blast it out and crank it back in. My kind of lure !! I really want to think of myself as "increasingly discovering finesse fishing", but I also know that my main weakness is getting increasingly buzzed up and then cranking lures faster and faster. But I did take a nice fish this morning essentially Czech nymphing a soft plastic down the current - tap, tap, bang. Nothing like it. Henry goes finesse. The world is changing..........

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