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Back home tomorrow

Just starting to pack up this evening before heading off early tomorrow morning to catch the ferry back to Fishguard. All things going to plan and I should be home to see my girls before they go to bed. As per always it's been an awesome trip, and as much as we got beaten up a bit by the weather, I can't tell you how much more we have learnt about this simply incredible part of the world. When the bass have been on it's been sublime, and when they have been tricky to get at with some of the up and down weather then it's been a challenge worth making the effort for in a big way. On the photographic front I am really pleased with what I have come away with - at times we have had some truly magical light like you can see above, but then you get to see light like this when you are out and about for such long hours.

But as much as this trip has been a blast as ever, it's the people we are lucky enough to fish and spend time with who really make the whole experience what it is. Nick, Andy and I would be struggling without so much help and time from the lads over that we are fortunate enough to call our friends. Fishing would not be fishing without a whole lot of banter, but all fun aside I am forever in debt to the likes of Cian, James, Paul and of course Ger. The bunch of them are all talented bass anglers who know this coastline very well, but none of them would mind be saying how frighteningly good at bass fishing Ger Carey is. Talk about knowing your part of the world like the back of your hand. I doubt that there is a single bass fishing spot around here that Ger does not know well or has not taken multiple double figure fish from. The bloke's a legend, and I do not say that at all lightly. Honestly, I am in complete awe at what Ger knows about sea fishing. I have said before that one of the biggest kicks I get out of my job is the chance to work and fish around such good anglers and people. I can not say thank you enough to the guys for all they have done to help us out once more. I have said it plenty of times before, but if you are into your bass fishing then you owe it to yourself to get over to this magical place called Ireland one of these days, and then make sure to drop in on the boys at Absolute Fishing for all the help and advice you could possibly need. Oh, and some rather nice lure fishing gear as well !! Self-control required........

We have taken any number of bass this week on any number of different lures, including a bunch of hard lures that we have used for the first time. Isn't it so good to catch fish on a new lure ? Confidence. So important. Plenty more to come in time about all the stuff we have been finding out, including a few bits and pieces of info that have really caught my interest in a big way. I have also fished a lot this week or so with a few different lure rods which are might interesting indeed, and with one of them I was so not expecting to like it as much as I did. Once again it has been rammed home to me that picking up a rod and waggling it and then forming an instant opinion is such a short-sighted thing to do. Anyway, best pack up all the gear and then grab some kip before the journey home to Cornwall.