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Back in a couple of weeks....

I am just clearing some work before flying down to Mauritius tomorrow - when that mothership leaves for St. Brandon's on Saturday morning, we will be away from any kind of internet or phone access, so unless something miraculous happens, this blog will be quiet for a couple of weeks. Thanks to all of you for continuing to read and support it, I can't wait to get back and put some photos up here of big blue skies and huge bonefish. And then get back out fishing myself and see if I can't manage a few nice bass before Christmas. It's that time of year right now when there is every chance.........

As per usual on my trips, I will be entering the aeroplanes and turning right !! Steerage class here we come. I bet you are all like me and look longingly at the those great big business class seats/beds as we are herded past on our way to the back of the plane, and I always wonder what on earth First Class actually looks like. I am sure we have all had this dream that we get to the (steerage) check-in desk one day, only to be informed that "Mr. So and So, we have made a terrible mistake and have had to upgrade you to First Class for your whole journey. We are so sorry for the inconvenience !!" Dream on eh ?

Joking aside, I am pretty good at this steerage class travelling thing, and it tends to revolve around sleeping pills and ear plugs, iPod, laptop, noise-cancelling headphones and a good book. Hanging around in airports is always a far more manageable experience if I can say get on with writing articles on my laptop while my iPod and headphones cocoon me in a black metal blanket.

Anyway, you all have a good couple of weeks. I hope this cold snap does not last too long (my heart bleeds !!). Catch plenty of fish, and let's hope that England beats South Africa in the rugby on Saturday (hopefully the score will come in on the sat phone) - I believe that all the clients and guides on this trip are South Africans, so can you imagine the grief I will get if we go and lose the rugby ? But think about the beaming smile I can walk around with if we go and smash them. Like Scotland did last weekend, and I know they are bleeding about that one really badly. Not that I would dream of bringing it up or anything like that. And then the Ashes starts in a couple of days. Gutted about missing the first test. Come on England, we really could beat Australia in their backyard this time around..........

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