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Back off to Ireland.........

Wherever I am fortunate enough to travel to for my work, it's still Ireland that heightens my pulse rate like nowhere else on earth. I bang on about the place a lot, I know that, but when you have completely and utterly fallen for a country like I have, then I am sure you will understand. Ireland kind of creeps up on you when you go and "discover" the fishing over there. I remember my first ever trip over there, to shoot a couple of chapters for my first fishing book. I was in heaven. But I was distinctly aware that some of the guys simply didn't "get" the whole Ireland fishing thing. I will never forget being completely horrified at hearing a few complaints about not being able to weigh the fish in for local (UK) clubs. To be honest, it left me cold. Talk about missing the point completely when it comes to travelling for your fishing...........

Photo courtesy Pat Connolly

OK, so I am doing my best to catch up on a bit of sleep after that awesome Tanzania trip. And then Cian from Absolute Fishing rings me to tell me about Pat's 11lb bass that he caught on Saturday I believe. What a fish. Outstanding stuff Pat. This photo came in this morning from the man himself. Naturally this fantastic fish went back alive. All credit to Pat, he's got the bass bug bad, and he is really pushing himself hard. If we see a fish close to that next week then I think we all might collectively pass out !! And as for catching up on some sleep ? Buzzing......

I am taking a few new/different lure rods over to try out, plus some brand new braid. And a few lures that have been kept back for this trip. Obviously. A bass fishing trip would not be the same without a bit of back and forth to various lure stashes. Wind up ? Me ? Never. Andy and I are getting the regular StenaLine ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare, and with any luck we should be arriving at our base in Dungarven around 8pm or so. We have plans to dump the gear and head out fishing almost immediately. This is our second time to Dungarven, and I can't tell you how much we have to learn about this whole area. Not only can we fish the whole of the Copper Coast, but there are any number of bass marks in and around Dungarven Bay, and some are very close to where we are staying. Easy walking distance in fact. Plus there is loads more fishing around Tramore where Cian and his shop Absolute Fishing is based. One needs a certain degree of self-control when entering a fishing tackle shop like that !!

If all goes according to plan, I should be able to keep this blog regularly updated through the week that we are over bass fishing in Ireland. Much as we have bass on the brain, someday soon we are going to have to head over and target the insane numbers of mullet you see all over the place. Below are a few more photos from my trip to Tanzania last week. When I am back from Ireland it's eyes down to get this photo shoot processed and then out to clients as magazine articles. I can't wait to get back to Ireland, but I am also going to miss my family like crazy. I only got back from Africa the other day, but work is work, and tides fall when they do. We are so loving living over here in south east Cornwall, and coming home to here is just about perfect.

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