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Back off to Ireland in just over a week - very exited ? Obviously.......

Yes, in another life I would not be travelling over to Ireland all the time because I would be living there. Work would be one of those things I just heard about from time to time as I fished my socks off. Book deadlines ? Mere dreams !! Photos stacking up to be processed on my hard drives ? Subconscious memories. Or perhaps I had better wake up this morning and get on with stuff..........whatever the case, I already have those excitement butterflies in my stomach at the thought of heading over to Ireland next Thursday.

We are basing ourselves in Dungarven again, but as much as I feel I am just about starting to get to grips with all that bass fishing, in truth I know that there is a lifetime's worth of stuff to find out and learn. Of course the west coast of Ireland is just drop dead stunning (anybody watching that Monty Halls series on the BBC ? Check here. I am watching it purely to just sit there and drool at all that incredible scenery and so many places that look like they are crawling with fish !!), but it's that south and south east coastline that to me seems to offer the out and out best bass fishing. When it comes to my primary need on these trips, and that is gathering photos and subject matters for magazine articles, I must look to maximise my chances and opportunities. Ireland gives that to me, but from an emotional point of view then yes, you know full-well, I have gone and fallen head over heels in love with the country.

I am really pleased to be able to tell you that my friends at Absolute Fishing in Tramore (Bass Fishing Central) have just launched a brand new website (check here). No, I do not have any kind of tie-in with them, and yes, me being so happy for the guys and their new website is down to the simple fact that I like the guys and want them to do ok. Is it possible for somebody like me to quite simply be really happy that some friends have done something exciting ? (Is it just me or is fishing these days even more full of daft conspiracy theories and such things ? I have no time for them, and people who know me know what I am about). I have a huge amount of time for the guys at Absolute Fishing, and I respect the hell out of anybody who looks to work in fishing and tries to go about it the right way. I am over the moon that they have done a lot of hard work to launch a website, and I just so hope this venture goes really well for them. Websites aside, local knowledge is the key, and I implore you to drop in to Absolute Fishing any time you might be in the area.

I have got a couple of "new" lure fishing rods sitting here to take over to Ireland and play with. I do have a couple of rods here that I tend to fish with most of the time, but what I do need to try and do in my world as such is attempt to keep abreast of what is going on. It's impossible to get a hold of everything that is going on in lure fishing especially, and I love the fact that so much is going on, but at least I can try to keep myself better informed. That is not remotely to say that what I do or like is right, but then what is in fishing ? That's what is at the core of this sport, the simple fact that we can never come close to cracking it. You do what you do, I do what I do, and hopefully we all help to share info and further it all.