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Back to it - hectic times.....

When you are on holiday and having a blast with the family, work and all that "serious" kind of stuff seems many miles away. Winding down from a ticking brain takes a bit of time, and it strikes me that it always seems to be the moment to head home just about at the point where you are completely into the holiday mode....................life eh ?

For all that I love about fishing and working in fishing, nothing for me beats spending time with my family away from work and fishing. I know I should be saying how nothing's more important than fishing, fishing and more fishing, indeed some people might expect it to be like that for me. But I guess that as you get older, different things start to mean more - and I freely admit that I never used to believe that this could be possible. Don't get me wrong, fishing is the driving force behind a big part of my life, but I can't get away from the fact that a lot of my drive to work and and try my best to succeed at what I do comes from wanting to look after my family the best I can. Life gets hectic.

Much as I would love to head out fishing right about now (Monday morning), there is loads going on here that I have to devote my time to. On Tuesday late afternoon I am flying up country to a meeting with some people on Wednesday. Whatever happens it will be really interesting and a good experience. A lot of my work is "speculative", in that I need to and indeed have to invest a proportion of my time in looking for new avenues. Some come off, plenty don't, but if I never "gambled" my time when I simply would never get anywhere with my working life. Don't ever work for yourself if the idea of not having a guaranteed wage at the end of every month freaks you out !!

Then on Friday I am flying over to Jersey to spend a few days photographing with some of the awesome anglers I am lucky enough to know over there. If we get a bit of weather then it should be very cool indeed. Can't wait to get back to the Channel Islands - there are a bunch of of anglers on Jersey especially who are really forging on ahead with where some parts of lure fishing can be taken, so for me it's a case of nailing photos and also learning as much as I can. Then back home on Monday.

From then on until I head off to Ireland on the 23rd June, it's serious eyes down on a new project I have become involved with. It's going to be a rather scary amount of work crammed into a short space of time, but so what ? So looking forward to spending some proper time in southern Ireland once again - a bunch of us are heading over to a stretch of coastline that is new to us all. Not a million miles away from where I have been spending a lot of time over the last few years, but it's a bit of coastline that I have heard plenty about from some guys I know and trust, and it is about time we gave it some proper attention. I do actually remember the first time I ever heard of the bass fishing along that particular section of southern Ireland, because the guy who told me practically started foaming at the mouth with excitement. If we get the weather then the bass fishing might just be rather interesting............whatever the case, Ireland does it for me in a big way, and I still get the most insane buzz about heading over there. Can't see that ever changing.

Then it's back from Ireland at the beginning of June and eyes back on this new project nearly all the time until the CLA Game Fair from Friday 23rd July up at Ragley Hall - hope to see you there. Phew.......

There is a new online fly fishing magazine that I was emailed details about, called "Bloodknot Magazine" - check it out here. I have not had time yet to have a proper look through, but I have a huge respect for the people involved in putting these kinds of things together.