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Banging bass out of a proper bit of surf and right before the coastline blows, as per this morning, wow it feels good

I have lived in close proximity to the sea now for twenty seven years if my maths is right, and it’s still the most almighty thrill to firstly have so much fishing so close, and secondly to be able to so easily head out and check conditions when we are right on the edge of some properly bad weather coming in and potentially blowing my local coastline right out for a while…………….

Mark and I had to have a look this morning. I tend to check a few different forecasts but I guess I rely the most on XCWeather for the wind direction and strength, and if it was correct then I reckoned we had a bit of a window for a surf session on the first of the flood this morning. We were either going to get out there and find the beach in one hell of a state, or else, as we found at about 6.30am this morning, damn it looked good - and you’ve got a couple of grown men in my epic Berlingo basically bouncing up and down on our seats like a couple of kids who have just tasted chocolate for the first time. My youngest girl is a natural runner and I so obviously am not, but I reckon she would have been proud of her dad this morning as I shimmied like a gazelle down the path to the beach. Okay, so not quite like that, but you get my drift - I wanted to get fishing!


I very quickly found out that there was a lot of weed in the water, but with conditions like this we just had to fish and move around and try to find clearer water. We persisted and both caught a few bass up to about 3lbs, and as I have said before and will say many times again, give me a bass like that which slams into a metal when the sea is properly bouncing - and I’ll take it all day long thank you very much. I seriously can’t get enough of this surf fishing thing. The fish are so fizzed up and it’s such an exciting way to lure fish. I have so much to learn about it all, but when Mark and I are fishing on the beach like we were this morning and we see no other anglers out and about, I want to go and find some and tell them all about how much of a blast it is to fish like this.

As much as metal lures are for the most part some pretty simple things, I am fast finding out that not all metals were born equal. By no means am I saying that you need to go out and buy the Savage Gear Seeker for example - my out and out favourite lure for surf fishing - but because of their design and how they offer a fairly large profile compared to their weight and materials, plus you can really play around with the retrieve speeds and they swim nice and shallow and don’t end up dragging the bottom, well to me they are an increasingly vital part of my surf armoury.


So it’s been a lot of fun playing around with samples I have here of a few different Savage Gear Seekers which aren’t on the market yet. Mark and I had our bass this morning on a sample 35g size Seeker which as per the dreadful photo above (apologies) has a slightly larger profile than the regular 28g Seeker which was for sale but for some reason was withdrawn. The currently available Seekers still work well in the surf when the conditions allow, but I have been hassling the grownups and I am assured that the 28g Seeker will be on sale again sometime in the nearish future. This slightly larger profile sample 35g Seeker absolutely flies, and we had our bass this morning on them in some increasingly lively conditions. There was a hell of a lot of weed around though and I have a feeling we might have seriously cleaned up if we could have only got more casts without clogging up with weed. What fun though. You all have a good weekend and let’s hope that the weather coming in right now isn’t quite as bad as the forecast says………..

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