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Bass on lures at night - a few more questions

Firstly, I would like to say a big thanks for such a fantastic response to my "lure fishing for bass at night" post that I put up last week, both here on the comments section and also on my Facebook page. Your feedback and involvement is a big part of what drives me to continue with this blog. I love doing it and I love the fact that so many different kinds of people/anglers seem to get a lot out of it. Thank you. Anyway, a few more questions/thoughts.......

What kinds of conditions are you looking for when you head out to fish for bass at night on lures ? Depending on where you live you are going to have different requirements for sea conditions, tides and weather etc. to get the bass going. But do you find that at night it can change around in that the bass might seem "happier" to come in close under cover of darkness and feed when perhaps the actual conditions aren't what you would call ideal ? Guys fishing for bass on bait into say the surf tend to need surf to get things moving, but do lures arguably give us more chances or options ?

And what is your preferred way to go about night fishing with lures ? It's a fact that you can actually (shock, horror) go out and simply blast various minnow-type lures out and catch bass, but how do you go about it at night ? I have seen Keith and Kevin do so well in Jersey on soft plastics at night, but does that approach rely on or benefit from the glorious amounts of current that they get over there ? What if you simply don't have those almost "rivers" of current ? From what I have seen, heard and experienced a bit it's all about slowing right down with your lures and fishing them much, much more deliberately, but any further thoughts are more than welcome here.

Check out my mate Del Thompson's brand new blog about his fishing experiences in the stunning Isles of Scilly - have a look here. "Scilly Lure Addicts" is a blog that I will be following with a lot of interest. Ever since I first fished these magical waters I have been in love with the different islands that make up the Isles of Scilly, but not for one second did I ever realise that they might end up being THE potential mecca for anglers who want to go and smash lots of big wrasse on plastics. Time will tell of course, but Del is catching lots and lots of them at the moment. Not at all bad for a guy who only cast his first lure for a wrasse just before Christmas !! And what about the awesome pollack fishing over there ?

It's high excitement here at home - in under three weeks we will have a new border collie/sheepdog puppy. We were gutted to lose Jess before Xmas, and as much as we all miss her like crazy, we don't really function properly without a dog in the house. We saw a litter of sheepdog puppies at New Year that some people we know had just had, and last weekend we went back up to choose a pup (they are now just over 5 weeks old) - or rather, she seemed to choose us. As indeed I rather hoped it might happen. I went up there pretty convinced that we would be picking a particular bitch, but then a different one seemed to come forward and pick us. We can't wait. When she arrives I will get my cameras out and post a bunch of photos up on here. I trained Jess myself and have not had a puppy for nearly 14 years, so I guess it's back to square one. Just under three weeks until I come downstairs early in the morning and tread right in a little smelly mound of puppy poo !!