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Bass, pollack, sunshine, loving it out here in Kerry

I can’t get enough of this place - it’s the middle of August and the first two days of our trip have been calm, clear and sunny, yet look around the and the lack of people is pretty staggering. Instead of donning waterproofs at the start of the day we have had to slap on the sunblock to avoid frying alive in this clear air, and whilst it’s hardly been the best weather for bass fishing so far, the lads have had a few small ones on soft plastics and small surface lures (got to say, that baby Patchinko is an impressive lure), and we spent the first afternoon out on John’s boat where the pollack were rather obliging. This morning bodes better with overcast skies, a bit more of a breeze, and a swell that is forecasted to build during the day - Kerry bass fishing conditions basically……

I don’t know what it is about these co-guiding trips that John and I are doing, but we are getting clients who are just a pleasure to spend time around, and I really mean that. Laughter is a big part of these trips if you ask me, as in of course we take the fishing seriously, and we will do all that we can to put our people onto fish, but whilst we are doing it we are going to have as much fun as possible. Fishing is meant to be fun and the tone of these trips is to fish hard, see awesome places, giggle, and of course help our people out with their fishing - the coastline around here kinda forces you to fish in so many different ways, and without a doubt this opens up people’s minds with regards to bass fishing and what they might or might not have around their home waters. And of course it works the other way with visiting anglers bringing different ways of doing things and seeing how stuff works.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable few hours on a shallow reef yesterday afternoon - aside from Richard being unceremoniously smashed up by a fish, there were no large bass landed, but wow was there a heap of them around mixed in with a stack of mullet. I love that slightly technical style of fishing soft plastics such as split-tails, senkos, little TT Shads and DoLive sticks at close range and really having to find out how the fish want them presented. I had to warn Richard at one point that I was going to get horribly over-excited as bass were swirling behind his lure, indeed I enjoy watching people fish and catch fish more and more and not fishing when guiding bothers me not at all. Nope, what really floats my boat is seeing people laugh and smile at their fishing, and I would argue that if you can’t laugh and smile when fishing out here surrounded by the majesty that is Kerry, then quite frankly I don’t think your heart is set right. Anyway, another Irish day beckons. Have a good weekend and may you smile while you’re fishing………