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Bass (the fish) always need our help - please read this and act

I make no apologies for using my blog to try and help with the need to not let up with the ongoing battle to try and help prevent our already fragile bass stocks from reaching a state that we as anglers don’t really want to imagine. If you have any interest at all in bass and saltwater fishing, please read this blog post and at the very least (digitally) sign the petition, and then I would be most grateful if you could take a bit of time to check out a new website that is called Save our Sea Bass. You have my profound thanks in advance……

The petition that I would ask you as a recreational angler to (digitally) sign is here, and I have lifted this text from that website : “Tell the EU Fisheries Ministers that we want them to vote to implement the EU Commission's Sea Bass proposals in full. The Sea Bass stock is an unfolding environmental disaster - in April 2015 the scientists told us the Sea Bass population is declining towards the lowest historically observed level and that the current fishing mortality is almost three times higher than the sustainable level. In the next few weeks, the EU Fisheries Ministers will vote on increasing the Minimum Landing Size to 42cm and setting monthly vessel catch limits. These proposals are only expected to cut Sea Bass landings by 20% - 30%, whereas in June 2014 the scientists told us that Sea Bass landings needed to be cut by 80% in 2015 in order to be sustainable. Despite this, commercial fisherman are lobbying to get these proposals watered down (even though they would benefit from them in the longer term). We can't let that happen. Let's Save Our Sea Bass for future generations.”

And then have a look at this new website Save Our Sea Bass here - my utmost respect goes to the people involved with this project. They are not paid, they do this in their own time because they want to try and save our bass stocks, and I think they least we can do as anglers who love catching bass is to get behind them in whatever way we can. Please have a look around this new website and learn all you can about what is going on and what you the angler can do to help out. Could it ever happen that we had a (sea) bass fishery here in northern Europe that could be the envy of other anglers around the world, just as it is with the striped bass fishery on the east coast of the US? My mind literally melts with how awesome it would be for so many reasons if our bass fishing was at least as close to as good as it could be. Imagine if the powers that be could actually understand the economic and political benefits that would without doubt be created. Have a good weekend and may some good fish chow your lures and baits……