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Big Irish bass

I had a phonecall from my mate Patrick over in south east Ireland yesterday - when Pat's number comes up on my mobile, it's usually to tell me about more awesome bass fishing, and this call was no different. His mate Cian, a thoroughly nice guy and a fantastic bass angler, had just taken a 10lb plus bass from one of their numerous fishing spots that is hardly ever fished. What a fish, and well done to Cian for catching and releasing such a magnificent bass. Check out a photo of this bass right here on Patrick's blog - and then get in touch with the guy to be professionally guided for bass fishing like this. He is the real deal.

It's a great shore caught bass, but to hear of another fish like this doesn't surprise me that much these days - if you know anything about Ireland, you will know how good the bass fishing can be when it switches on, and bear in mind that Cian's fish was taken on neap tides as well. I will be over there soon, but frankly I wish I had all the time in the world to be over there, and especially in the south east of the country. If there is any better shore fishing for bass around, then I have yet to hear of it. I am not saying that there is not, but it is going to have to be off the scale to measure up to what I have seen and what my friends continue to experience. As I have said before, I am not a jealous man !!!!!

I got back home from Iceland late on Friday night, in perfect time to watch the magnificent third Lions test yesterday afteroon. OK, so the series was already decided, but what an awesome game of rugby to finish on, and the result was no less than we deserved - what an awesome Lions tour, indeed the three test matches have been outstanding, and we came so close to taking the series. But all credit must go to South Africa - these guys know how to win big matches. I reckon all the guys can hold their heads high and return home with a huge amount of pride.

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