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Big weekend

The Irish Bass Festival starts this morning and I'm travelling over there to arrive this evening and fish as from early tomorrow morning - I know I was out there only last week but obviously I can't wait to get back over. Best of luck to all the people fishing the festival and I hope to hear about a big winning fish at the Sunday evening prize giving at the Grand Hotel in Tramore. The forecast for the weekend looks pretty tasty although I am slightly concerned about the long-range for next week with those east winds and high pressure. We shall see.................

The Cornish Lure Festival also starts today and I want to wish all involved with that the best of luck as well. I believe that there is a going to be an end of event bash on the Sunday evening across in Wadebridge, and a little birdy told me that a friend of mine is going to be doing the barbie. Should I be wishing the best of luck to you for that as well or should I be having more faith in this person's outdoor grilling abilities ? Whatever the case, I hope it's a fantastic weekend for both events and although I wish they did not clash, of course it is good that lure fishing these days can warrant two such festivals.

And of course it's the 3rd Lions test tomorrow morning, the decider, the crunch, the big one. And yes, I will be pulling away from the fishing to watch the match, indeed how could I not with the series at 1-1 and all to play for in the final game ? Lions rugby only comes around every four years and I love it. I can still remember being in some pub at Plymouth uni and crying with emotion when Guscott slotted that drop goal to win the 1997 series against South Africa. Gatland has dropped BOD from the team which I am really worried about, but if we win he's vindicated of course. Should be a horribly tense game and here's to the Lions recording a rare series win.

I have got another "budget" Shimano Yasei Red lure rod here, the 8' 7-28g Twitch model (£60), as well as the brand new "budget" Shimano Exage 2500FD spinning reel (£60 I think), so I'll give them both a workout in Ireland and report back as to how they do. From a few waggles and spins of the reel handle this feels like some pretty serious kit for the money. I hear good reports about the Exage spinning reels so I am really interested to see how this new version does. I am also taking over those new HTO Lure Game rods from the TronixPro people - the 9' 10-40g really grabs me from the off, and this again is a "budget" rod at £59.99 that smacks of real class. It's a good time for lure fishing with more and more quality gear coming in at some really sensible prices. More to come..........

I hope you are noticing some changes to the website and the way it looks and is laid out. There are some on-going changes to various pages, including the blog (bigger photos, larger text etc.) and especially the Fishing Tackle, Help and Info and Fishing Pictures pages - please accept my apologies if you see any blurry looking photos anywhere on the website, for this is merely because I have run out of time updating stuff and will have to try and finish up when I get back. Whatever you are doing, have a good weekend and I'll be updating as per when I can from Ireland.............