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Bits and pieces.....

OK, so hardly as fun as shiny lures and modern lure rods and reels, but we all carry different bits and pieces that help in some way towards making our fishing that bit more effective. One thing that I do so love about this whole lure fishing though is the lack of gear that I need to carry. Cameras, lenses, filters and flashgun aside, being able to grab no more than a rod, reel, lure box (or boxes ?), pliers, Boga, plus a few bits and pieces really floats my boat. I still steal the odd glance at my old rock fishing rucksacks that used to break my back as we walked across fields and scaled down cliffs.......

A bunch of us were in southern Ireland last year, and Nick Hart was watching me early one morning in the house as I proceeded to glue my fingers together a little more effectively than I was gluing plastics to the back of jig heads. Nick kindly gave me a bottle (between giggles) of this "Zap a Gap Brush On" superglue type stuff that he uses in fly fishing, and my problems were solved. I have not had to cut my fingers apart since. OK, so it's only glue, but the fact that when you unscrew the lid to find a little brush-type applicator on there makes the whole thing that bit easier (and less painful). Check here for this Zap a Gap stuff.

It is not up to me to say whether you should or should not use lure clips or indeed mono or fluoro leaders at the end of your braid, but personally I do use a proper lure clip to attach my hard lures especially. You can't go far wrong if you use say JB Swivel Clips (check here), but recently I was put onto these ingenious little Delalande Agrafe Rapide Inox clips, and I really like the no.6 29lbs size. They take a bit of getting used to because you don't actually undo any clips to put a lure on or take one off, but when you get used to simply twisting them on and off you realise how simple and effective these clips are. The JB clips are so handy because you can thread them through many kinds of rod eyes, but it seems these days that with the increased use of more specialist PE guides that it's getting harder and harder to be able to do this. I now tend to break my rod down and use velcro rod straps to secure the two sections and the leader all nice and tight together. Check these Delalande clips here.

Something which I don't currently have but intend to try out for lure fishing are these rod carriers you can see above (check here). Again, it was my mate Nick Hart who suggested that we should be using them as we moved from location to location in Ireland. Surely it would be easier to leave the rods set up and simply clip them to the front of the car as you drive around ? We could dismiss the idea out of hand, but then I distinctly remember getting plenty of strange looks as I walked out into the sea to grab a mate's cod or thornie up on the Bristol Channel. Breathable chest waders and wading boots. Wasn't that long ago when most saltwater anglers never even knew what they were. Change can be good..........and talking of change, thanks for all the comments and feedback to my ranting post from Friday. Judging by the level of response, perhaps I should think about a regular rant on this blog ? I love a good rant !!