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Bless his cotton socks, George Eustice MP was probably too busy washing his hair and couldn’t get away to meet angry anglers

Well I’ve never heard of disgruntled bass anglers marching in protest before, so the roughly 150 people who descended upon Camborne on Saturday morning really was quite something, and I was proud to be there. Full credit to the people who helped organise this protest march, and as is so often the case with this kind of thing, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes which most anglers don’t get to hear about. Thank you, thank you. Why were we marching in protest? See my blog post from Friday here that was lifted from the BASS blog, and then also make sure to check out the most recent BASS blog post here for another report on Saturday’s protest march.

George Eustice Esteemed MP knew we were coming, indeed I believe he was meant to be running a clinic at his Camborne based headquarters on Saturday morning where the march ended up - but of course he or indeed any kind of representative didn’t show. Now I choose to give the man the benefit of the doubt and say that either he quite simply forgot?, or indeed he was taking some valuable time on a Saturday morning to wash his luscious locks at the family farm nearby. I simply won’t have it that our Fisheries Minister wasn’t up to the challenge of meeting a bunch of peaceful and respectful yet angry and disgruntled anglers who have, let’s be honest, been royally shafted as regards the obscene legislation surrounding inshore gill-netting for bass. Nope, not a chance. George Eustice MP I am sure would have loved the chance to come and speak with us regular folk, and yet again completely misunderstand why we were actually protesting, but he was otherwise occupied. Damn those locks must take some conditioning.

Anglers are angry. We live in a time when voices can be heard in so many different ways, but still the impact of real people coming together to march and voice their displeasure is quite something. Us anglers have been able to voice our opinions via various online mediums, but this coming together on a spring Saturday morning in Camborne, is that the start of something new? Have UK saltwater anglers finally decided that enough is enough and that we can do something to effect change? Watch this space.

My thanks to the Cornish anglers for being so welcoming to those of us who travelled down to Camborne, and it was great to catch up with various people and also put faces to names of a few guys I have been corresponding with on Facebook, email etc. My profound thanks as ever to the kind people who asked after the hole in my leg. After the march I took the opportunity to take Storm for a decent walk and head out to a section of coastline I have been wanting to have a look at. I nearly fell of the cliffs the ground looked so frigging awesome. Some of the most ridiculous bass fishing ground I have ever seen and I can’t wait to give it a bit of a go. Nothing floats my boat more in fishing than meeting anglers and fishing “new to me” ground. Perhaps I should invite our beloved George Eustice MP to join me for a day’s bass fishing? We could have such a good chat and luckily his brother is a bit of an expert bass angler I hear……..

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