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Blogging from the Bolivian jungle

I never for one second thought we would get internet access out here in the middle of nowhere, but we have, and it works great. We are staying at a brand new fly fishing operation called Tsimane on the river Secure, some two hours flight on from the city of Santa Cruz, followed by a boat ride further into this remote jungle. The river is very clear, and you can see all kinds of different fish moving all over the place.

This is without doubt one of the most incredible places I have ever been to - in the "home pool" below the lodge we have already seen golden dorado well over the 30lb mark swimming around, so the next few days could prove very interesting......the guys messed around for a couple of hours late this afternoon, but mainly it was gearing up ready for the proper stuff that starts tomorrow. There is some outstanding looking terrain out here.

It is utterly remote out here - three flights and a boat ride from home, and the darkness here now the sun has gone down is properly inky black. Earlier on it was really hot and humid, with big blue skies framing this clear jungle river running out of the foothills of the mighty Andes mountain range. I can't quite believe I am actually in such a special place like this for my work.

We are heading about an hour's boat ride downstream tomorrow to fish and photograph around a small set of rapids that has thrown up some nice fish recently, but bear in mind that this area has hardly been fished before. This stuff is that new. We are only the third group to come to this new operation, and the three of us have the distinction of being the first European anglers here. This kind of wild, out there stuff gets me going in a huge way. I find it very, very reassuring that there are still places like this left on this earth for adventurous fisherman to go and visit. Granted, stuff like this does not come cheap, and I am only out here because it is my work, but the best has never come easy.

Fly fishing for golden dorado is in my humble opinion some of the finest freshwater fishing on this earth, and I believe that it is only a matter of time until more European anglers switch on to the wealth of fishing here in South America - and especially for these awesome golden creatures. Contact the guys at Latin American Fishing Company here, or otherwise Aardvark McLeod here - these people work together very closely.

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