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Brand new bass fishing photo gallery up on the site

I have spent a bit of time creating a new bass fishing gallery of photos on the Fishing Pictures page of this website - there are some shots there you will have seen before, but I thought it was about time to put a bunch of new images up there to reflect the kind of stuff I have been shooting more recently. Check the gallery out here. You can see a screen grab of it above. Any comments on the photos are more than welcome, and in due course I will also put a bunch of them in the "Prints for Sale" part of the site.

I spend a lot of my working time photographing all kinds of types of fishing all over the world, but at heart I will always be a UK saltwater fisherman, and as such, I love it when conditions get really good and I can try to show off "our" fishing as best I can. So much of photography is about the quality of the light, and just sometimes it gets really special and all comes together. The more you are out there, the greater your chance of these very special moments happening. The same with fishing, and that is why I believe that photography and fishing go so well together.

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