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Breakaway Mini Link lure clip - does a lure clip get much better than this?

OK, so I have a slight (?) obsession/fascination with the bits and pieces that combine to make a successful lure fishing outfit. When it all works it’s great, but I suppose I have one of those brains that enjoys looking for other stuff that might do the job as well. I don’t need a new lure clip because the Delalande Agrafe Rapide in the 35lb size continues to perform flawlessly for me and the lures I fish with, but in September I think it was, Cian who runs Absolute Fishing over in Ireland pressed a little packet of these Breakaway Mini Link lure clips into my hands and told me to have a go with them and see what I think.

Well I’ll tell you what I think. Absolutely brilliant. After my play with those Mustad Fastach clips which resulted in the loss of a favourite lure (check here), I must admit to being a little hesitant to try any other clips again when those Delalande ones work so well for me, but hey, why not? I used to use the larger Breakaway Fastlink clips for my bait fishing (plus those truly excellent Gemini Genie Link Clips), indeed it was interesting to see how so many of the US striper guys we met out on Cape Cod were insistent that those Fastlink clips were the best lure clips they could get their hands on - some praise if you ask me. Our bass ain’t nearly as big of course, so I could see no reason why the much smaller Breakaway Mini Link at a stated 25lb test wasn’t going to be strong enough. I have no way of proving it, but I have a suspicion that these little clips would take more than 25lbs anyway.

If the Delalande Agrafe Rapide clips are close to the last word in being easy to use, then these little Mini Link clips are even easier again. Slide your lure or weedless hook on, fish away, then slide it off to change lures. Seriously, it’s as easy as a lure clip can get. Unlike with those Mustad Fastach clips which I really liked the look of but were in fact not as easy to use as the Delalande ones, these Breakaway Mini Link clips kinda do what they look like they might do. Clip on and off, end of. I am sure I could snag a lure up on 50lb braid and straighten one out if I had to, but I don’t lure fish for bass and pollack like this, and if I was chasing much larger and stronger fish then I would change my lure clip accordingly.

I can’t guarantee you that these clips will work with all the bass lures you might use, but I have tried all the weedless hooks I might use (with and without various hitchhiker attachments, up to a size 6/0), various jig heads, and then certain hard lures like the IMA Komomo II which can be awkward to get onto the Delalande clip - no problems with anything I own and use for bass fishing if that helps. Lure clips ain’t that exciting I grant you, but I am really liking these Breakaway Mini Link lure clips, and so far I can’t find anything to worry about with them. I really like how weedless hooks especially seem to be able to move perfectly freely when on the clip.

These Breakaway Mini Link lure clips seem to be pretty easy to find and I like how they are nice and cheap - around £1.50 to £2.00 for a packet of 10. There is also, how shall we say this, a “tribute” to this clever little clip called the TronixPro HTO Lure Link. OK, as far as I can tell they are exactly the same, indeed I have used both makes and they work perfectly. The HTO ones are around the same price, but if you go looking for them, be aware that the HTO Lure Clip is not the same as their Lure Link. Be similarly aware that if you go looking for the Breakaway Mini Link that their Spinlink Clips are larger and are rated at 35lb test (with their Fastlink Clips being the largest of that clever family of Breakaway clips). I haven’t tried the Spinlink Clips yet. Now please, control your racing heart with such an overload of fishing related excitement!! From cancer to lure clips - not bad eh?